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Rebuilding the Natural World: A Shift in Ecological Restoration

From forests in Queens to wetlands in China, planners and scientists are promoting a new approach that incorporates experiments into landscape restoration projects to determine what works to the long-term benefit of nature and what does not…

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Sand is the new gold. The worldwide excavation of sand on beaches and in rivers and oceans is signalling an ecological and human catastrophe. A worldwide sand rush is taking place. Article by Peter Dupont. Translation by Rafael Njotea.

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Lost Neighborhoods of the California Coast

Each coastal disaster is followed by the inevitable debates about whether rebuilding is the right decision.

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Climate-Induced Migration Creates Perils, Possibilities

For Pacific islands like Tuvalu and Kiribati, the implications of climate change are clear, and devastating. Already, these governments have begun to plan for a future in which entire populations have to relocate as their islands vanish under the rising sea. But climate change also threatens ways of life in subtler ways, leaving families around the world to work out for themselves how to cope.

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Nantucket’s Big Dig: How could it happen?

Coastal communities in the Commonwealth, as well as up and down the seaboard, are dealing with the issue of erosion and erosion control…

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Global Lessons for Adapting Coastal Communities to Protect against Storm Surge Inundation

Coastal inundation as a result of global sea-level rise and storm surge events is expected to affect many coastal regions and settlements. Adaptation is widely accepted as necessary for managing inundation risk. However, managing this risk is inherently contentious because of many uncertainties and because a large number of stakeholder interests and values are mobilized…

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After Hurricane Sandy, One Man Tries To Stop The Reconstruction

Geologist Orrin Pilkey predicted exactly what a storm like Sandy would do to the mid-Atlantic coast and New York City. On a tour of destruction after the deluge, he and David Gessner ponder a troubling question: Why are people rebuilding, as if all this isn’t going to happen again?

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The Coastal Consciousness of John Gillis

Climate change is real and serious, but was not last fall’s “natural disaster,” like Katrina and like all the rest to come, as much about human failures, in infrastructure, planning, and our proclivity for building homes on shifting sandbars, as it was natural catastrophe? Those questions aren’t new.

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Sand Thieves Are Eroding World’s Beaches For Castles Of Cash

The pillaging of sand is a growing practice in the world. Taken by hand, three or four meters deep in the Maldives archipelago, or transported on a donkey, or sucked up by huge sand boats in Asia, coastal sand mining, authorized or unlawful, is exploding.

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Sand Mining

You can make a difference and help save our beaches

Learn simple things that you can do to help protect beaches starting with simply educating others about the beach thereby helping us celebrate the beauty of the world’s beaches.

Join our campaign!

Sign the petition to end global sand mining.

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    Sand becomes “increasingly scarce and expensive”

    October 16th, 2017

    A symposium taking place at Dutch Design Week later this month will discuss the rapid depletion of the world’s sand reserves, which could leave supplies of the high-quality sand used in the glass industry exhausted within 20 years.

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    How a worldwide sand shortage could impact the design world

    October 12th, 2017

    Later this month, Dutch Design Week will host a symposium entitled “The Abundance and Scarcity of Sand.” Notable speakers include geologist and author Michael Welland, as well as Denis Delestrac, whose 2013 documentary, Sand Wars, showcased the lengths that contractors and smugglers alike will go to hoard and sell a commodity second only to freshwater, in terms of consumption.

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    French beaches’ sand for sale illegally on internet

    October 11th, 2017

    A french mayor discovered that sand from the town’s local beach, was for sale on the internet. Maybe rather inconspicuous at first glance, this occurence instead reveals far deeper tensions related to the exploitation of this finite ressources.

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    The world hungers for sand

    September 30th, 2017

    The ravenous hunger for sand worldwide was spotlighted in the 2013 documentary “Sand Wars” by French filmmaker Denis Delestrac, which warned that illegal sand mining could make beaches a thing of the past by the end of the 21st century.

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    A looming tragedy of the sand commons

    September 8th, 2017

    Because of the difficulty in regulating their consumption, common-pool resources are prone to tragedies of the commons as people may selfishly extract them without considering long-term consequences, eventually leading to overexploitation or degradation. Even when sand mining is regulated, it is often subject to rampant illegal extraction and trade.

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    Sand Mining: Growing Pains of Cross-Border Trade

    August 29th, 2017

    When powerful storms strike, like Typhoon Hato in southern China or Hurricane Harvey in Texas, the surging water scatters tons of sand – an essential ingredient required for the rebuilding soon to follow. Such storms add to growing global demand for sand with poor consequences for the economy and environment.

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    Why Sardinia’s tourists taking sand as souvenir face fine

    August 24th, 2017

    Famed for its pristine beaches, the Mediterranean island of Sardinia has hit back at holidaymakers who have been pinching its sand.

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    Kenya’s sand wars

    August 19th, 2017

    Communities are pitted against sand harvesters, powerful cartels and one another as demand for sand in Kenya grows.

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