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Methane Gas Concentrations in Gulf of Mexico Quickly Surprises Scientists

methane gulf oil spill
This shows the deployment of the CTD Rosette system for collecting water samples. Photo Source: Texas A&M University and NOAA.

Excerpt from UCSB

Calling the results “extremely surprising,” researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara and Texas A&M University report that methane gas concentrations in the Gulf of Mexico have returned to near normal levels only months after a massive release occurred following the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion…

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Uncontrolled Sand Mining Days Numbered, Namibia

Photograph SAF – Coastal Care

Uncontrolled Sand Mining Days Numbered

Excerpt from AllAfrica, Namibian Press, by Adam Hartman

While sand mining in the Swakop River is a crucial element of coastal development, sand mining companies do seem take advantage of the lack of official control over mining operations.

As reported in the Namibian, “Quarries are also becoming “extremely deep” some having vertical ‘walls’ of 10,5 metres. According to the guidelines, “excavation shall under no circumstances expose the ground water table and shall have slope banks not higher than 4 metros”…

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NASA Image, Namibia South Western Coast

Bangladesh Sand to Help Keep the Maldives Afloat

Rising sea, Maldives. Photo courtesy of: © Denis Delestrac


After looking to buy land in other countries, Maldives is making a last-ditch effort to avoid its citizens becoming climate refugees. It is importing sand.

In this endeavour to tackle the effects of global warming, none other than Bangladesh is playing Good Samaritan. Both countries are planning to sign a deal within four months to ship sand to the Maldives. The island nation faces a real threat of being inundated if the sea level rises by even one metro…

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Bangladesh and Maldives: Sand Export Deal in Sight

Mohamed Nasheed Interviewed by Charles Homans, Foreign Policy Magazine, December 2010
Mohamed Nasheed, president of the climate-change-threatened Maldives, speaks via email with Foreign Policy’s Charles Homans about the difficulty of diplomacy, the promise of protest, and why moving his whole country might be more difficult than he once thought. The Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed is listed 39th top thinker in the world, in Foreign Policy magazine

Ban on plastic shopping bags, Italy

Plastic bag on beach. Photo source: ©© Kaometet


Italy, one of the top users of plastic shopping bags in Europe, has banned them starting January 1, with retailers warning of chaos and many stores braced for the switch.

Italians use about 20 billion bags a year, more than 330 per person, or about one-fifth of the total used in Europe, according to Italian environmentalist lobby Legambiente…

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Plastic Bag Reduction Around the World

Plastic bag bans around the world, BBC

250 billion plastic fragments in Mediterranean

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Some 250 billion microscopic pieces of plastic are floating in the Mediterranean, creating a biological hazard that reverberates up the food chain, according to research supported by green campaigners.

The estimate comes from French and Belgian marine biologists who analysed water samples taken in July off France, northern Italy and Spain to a depth of 10-15 centimetres (four to six inches)…

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Accumulation and fragmentation of plastic debris in global environments, 2009 Study, Ifremer

Yurok indians seek land for a tribal park on the North Pacific Coast

Klamath Rivermouth
Klamath Rivermouth, Del Norte County, Northern California. Photo Source: US Corps of Engineers.


The Klamath River rises in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Oregon, and flows about 263 miles (423 km) southwest through northern California, cutting through the southern Cascade Range to empty into the Pacific Ocean.

The Yurok were a sedentary coastal hunter/gatherer Pacific Coast Indian nation that relied heavily on fishing. They occupied the valley of the lower Klamath River and the neighboring coast…

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Yurok Tribe

Russ Rymer

New York Times, Struggling Tribe, Dark Side to a Windfall
The Yurok Indians, the largest tribe in California and one of the poorest.

Decline of West Coast fog brought higher coastal temperatures last 60 years

Photograph: © SAF – Coastal Care


Fog is a common feature along the West Coast, but a University of Washington scientist has found that summertime coastal fog has declined since 1950 while coastal temperatures have increased slightly.

Fog formation appears to be controlled by a high-pressure system normally present off the West Coast throughout the summer, said James Johnstone, a postdoctoral researcher with the Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean at the UW…

Original Article,the University of Washington

What’s Outside Counts, Too: European Law and Excess Packaging

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


The citizens of Lincolnshire, England, were so fed up with the layers of plastic and cardboard and Styrofoam that encased their store purchases this fall that they took a high-priced, highly wrapped piece of meat to court…

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Courtauld Commitment 2

Grocery Store taken to court over excess packaging