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100% of Most Challenging Plastic Wrapping Could Be Recycled With New Technology

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


On average we each consume 120 grammes of plastic wrapping on Christmas gifts most of which is of a type which almost impossible to recycle. Now researchers at the University of Warwick have devised a new technique which could process 100% of Christmas and other household plastic instead of the tiny fraction that currently actually gets processed…

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Sydney’s Beach protection attempt may carry price tag of $700m

Bondi beach, Australia. Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Preserving Sydney’s beaches against rising sea levels could cost more than $700 million over the next 50 years and would require the government to reverse its long-standing position regarding offshore sand mining, according to a study on climate change-induced beach erosion…

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Pacific Islands: Duel Between Freshwater and Sea Water

French Polynesia. Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


It is said that the first refugees of climate change will come from the Pacific. In the midst of this ocean’s tropical regions are scattered 50,000 small islands, 8,000 of them inhabited. They are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of global warming. These effects include rising sea-water levels, drought and diminishing stocks of freshwater. Such water is essential for the life of the fauna and flora and for the human populations’ food supplies. On the coral reef islands, freshwater occurs as underground reservoirs, as lenses in balance with the underlying sea water…

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Îlots du Pacifique : duel entre l’eau douce et la mer, Institut de Recherche Pour Le Développement

Worsening Coastal Erosion, Québec

Port-Daniel, Quebec, Canada. Photo Source: ©© Dennis Jarvis


The picturesque seaside homes along parts of Quebec’s Lower St. Lawrence may need to disappear because of worsening erosion problems, say community leaders who are cleaning up after widespread flooding…

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Video Interview with Pascal Bernatchez Directeur, Chaire de Géoscience Côtière, UQAR

Hautes marées: encore deux semaines d’inquiétude
La Sécurité publique du Québec sera en état de veille quelques jours avant Noël, puisque de nouvelles hautes marées sont prévues entre le 22 et le 24 décembre 2010, dans des conditions difficiles à anticiper et dans un contexte où le littoral du fleuve aura déjà été durement confronté à la fureur des éléments naturels.

Blooming Jellyfish off Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean Coasts

Crown jellyfish, Meeru Island, Maldives. Photo source: ©© Sleepychinchilla


A study examining over 50 years of jellyfish data by an international team, with the participation of the Balearic Oceanography Centre of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) has confirmed an increase in the size and intensity of proliferations of the jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca, particularely along Spanish coasts.

There are several complex reasons for this, over-fishing and the current increase in sea water temperatures…

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FDA Underestimates Gulf Coast Residents’ Exposure to Carcinogens in Seafood

Photograph: SAF – Coastal Care


A survey of Gulf Coast seafood consumption habits released today by the Natural Resources Defense Council reveals that many Gulf residents are eating far more seafood, far more often, than the federal government has acknowledged, bringing seafood safety standards under renewed scrutiny.

Significant discrepancies between estimates by the Food and Drug Administration and reported consumption rates were found, in particular, with regard to shrimp consumption: on the low-end FDA’s estimates were 3.6 times too low, and on the high-end, actual consumption exceeded FDA estimates by more than 12-fold…

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Red Sea Shark Attacks: Puzzle Scientists

Mediterranean coast, Alexandria, Egypt. Photo source: ©© Emie Reyes


Hoping to protect the local tourism industry over July 4, the beach resort’s mayor initially downplays the danger of shark attacks, but is forced to bring in a marine biologist and a shark hunter when things turn really ugly. That was the story line in Jaws, Steven Spielberg’s 1975 blockbuster movie, and a similar scenario is currently being played out in real life at the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh…

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Climate change still a hard sell, especially when it’s freezing out

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Another UN climate change conference ends, another opportunity to save the world goes by. You could be forgiven for barely noticing; expectations were lowered so far that Cancún almost slipped under the radar. But even if it had been talked up like its predecessors, it would struggle for our attention. Climate change is peculiarly, and perhaps fatally, difficult to care about…

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