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Florida’s coral reefs provide window into the past

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


The Florida Keys coral reefs stopped growing or significantly slowed their growth at least 3000 years ago and have been balanced between persistence and erosion ever since, according to a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The study, published in the journal Global Change Biology, also points to coral bleaching and disease outbreaks as signs that changing conditions may have recently tipped the 200-mile-long coral reef tract into a state of erosion…

Read Full Article; USGS (10-23-2018)

Back from the brink: the global effort to save coral from climate change

Photo source: Beyond Preservation: The Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire; By Andrew Jalbert – ©


Underwater nurseries offer glimmer of hope for endangered ecosystems, encouraging growth of coral fragments on fibreglass structures anchored to the seabed…

Read Full Article, Guardian UK (09-26-2018)

Ocean Conservation Is an Untapped Strategy for Fighting Climate Change; IPS News (07-06-2018)

Climate change modifies the composition of reefs

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Corals devastated by climate change are being replaced naturally by other species such as gorgonians, which are less efficient in acting as a carbon sink. A study has analyzes for the first time why gorgonians are more resistant than corals to human impacts and global climate change…

Read Full Article; Science Daily (09-20-2018)

Is the Great Barrier Reef recovering from coral bleaching?

Photograph: © SAF – Coastal Care


Is the Great Barrier Reef recovering from coral bleaching? A CBS Video featuring Dr Mark Aerin, Coordinator NOAA Coral Reef Watch.

Watch Video and Read Full Article; CBS News (09-12-2018)

Why the Great Barrier Reef is in danger; MNN (09-07-2018) (09-12-2018)

Video Captures the Violent Act of Coral Bleaching, LiveScience (08-17-2016)

Global warming is transforming the Great Barrier Reef; Science Daily (04-18-2018)
A new study shows that corals on the northern Great Barrier Reef experienced a catastrophic die-off following the extended marine heatwave of 2016…

Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching has started early, biologist says; Guardian UK (01-19-2018)
Warm water has already begun bleaching coral on the Great Barrier Reef, weeks ahead of the period with highest forecast risk. Satellite data suggest widespread bleaching is possible by March…

A Close-Up Look at the Catastrophic Bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef; Yale E360 (04-10-2017)
Scientists are reporting the second mass bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef in the last year. In a Yale Environment 360 interview, researcher Terry Hughes says these events have damaged two-thirds of the world’s largest coral reef and are directly caused by global warming…

Coral bleaching hits 93% of Great Barrier Reef, Video, Science Daily (04-21-2016)
Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is suffering its worst coral bleaching in recorded history with 93 percent of the World Heritage site affected, scientists say as they reveal the phenomenon is also hitting the other side of the country…

Great Barrier Reef: the scale of bleaching has the most sober scientists worried, Guardian UK (04-16-2016)
I have dived hundreds of times, with different teams of scientists, along the reef. Yet the scale of this bleaching event has even the most sober and senior coral reef scientists worried. If the rhetoric from marine biologists is to be believed, then the Great Barrier Reef is now in the grip of a “bommie apocalypse”…

Great Barrier Reef’s Unprecedented Threat From Dredging, Dumping; Guardian UK (05-07-2014)
The impact of dredging and dumping sediment on the Great Barrier Reef has been far greater than the mining industry has claimed, with nearly 150m tonnes of new dredging set to take place in the reef’s waters, a study shows…

Scientists in Fiji examine how forest conservation helps coral reefs

Coastal forest. Photograph: © SAF – Coastal Care


Researchers from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa (UH Mānoa), WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society), and other groups are discovering how forest conservation in Fiji can minimize the impact of human activities on coral reefs and their fish populations…

Read Full Article; PhysOrg (08-29-2018)

Saving Fiji’s Coral Reefs Linked to Forest Conservation Upstream, Wildlife Conservation Society (12-18-2013)
The health of coral reefs offshore depend on the protection of forests near the sea, according to a new study by the Wildlife Conservation Society that outlines the importance of terrestrial protected areas to coastal biodiversity…

To Save Coral Reefs, First Save the Mangroves; National Geographic (02-10-2015)

Scientists discover hidden deep-sea coral reef off South Carolina Coast

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Little is known about the natural resources of the deep ocean off the United States’ Southeast coast from Virginia to Georgia, so Deep Search 2018 was created to learn more by exploring the deep sea ecosystems.

In South Carolina, 160 miles off Charleston’s coast a giant deep-sea coral reef system has been hiding for thousands of years. The chief scientist who helped make the discovery called it unbelievable…

Read Full Article; CNN (08-28-2018)

Muddy waters: Exploring mangrove governance in Tanzania

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


At the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) in Nairobi later this month, a side event devoted specifically to mangrove preservation and restoration around the African continent’s coastlines will attract a range of stakeholders offering an opportunity to review lessons learned from research undertaken in the Rufiji Delta and mangrove ecosystems across the globe…

Read Full Article, “Muddy waters: Exploring mangrove governance in Tanzania’s Rufiji Delta and beyond,” Landscape News (08-16-2018)

Tanzania: Mangrove Project Bears Fruit; All’Africa (07-17-2016)
Thanks to a mangrove planting project, villagers have managed to protect their areas, where seawater had been regularly spilling over the farms destroying their crops, and conserve the environment by involving members of the public in planting mangroves…

Mapping blue carbon in mangroves worldwide; Science Daily (08-02-2018)
Mangroves store greater amounts of carbon than any other terrestrial ecosystem, which helps reduce carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. When carbon is stored in the ocean or coastal ecosystems, it is called blue carbon. However, a more precise estimate of how much blue carbon is stored by mangroves has not been available until recently…

Where the land meets the sea: Governing mangrove forests; Forests News (02-02-2017)
As countries ponder how to encourage mangrove conservation, the role of people, rights, and governance institutions should receive equal consideration…

The Human Element of Mangrove Management; USAID (12-16-2016)

Children living on Indonesia’s coast get free goggles to enjoy – and save – precious reef

Nihiwatu Beach, a natural, beautiful and mostly undeveloped beach on the island of Sumba, Indonesia. At its two extremities, two reefs protect the beach from severe storms and are largely responsible for the white colored sand. The reefs are also a great source of food for the local villagers. Captions and photos source: © SAF — Coastal Care


Indonesia’s maritime affairs minister has come up with an unconventional way to help preserve precious reefs from marine pollution: distribute boatloads of free goggles to children in the archipelago’s remote coastal regions. She wants to give next generation ‘the eyes’ to appreciate the marine world…

Read Full Article, Guardian UK (08-04-2018)

Bali isn’t alone in its sea plastic pollution problem – the rest of Indonesia is struggling too; Guardian UK (03-06-2018)
Indonisian idyllic blue waters are marred by rubbish, from styrofoam to dirty nappies embedded in the coral. Uninhabited islands with the most beautiful bright white beaches, are camouflaged by a thick layer of plastic: flip flops, straws, disposable lighters, asthma inhalers, styrofoam and bottles in every size and shape…

Plastic, plastic, plastic’: British diver films sea of rubbish off Bali; Guardian UK (03-06-2018)

Indonesia to declare war on marine plastic debris: Environment minister; Strait Times (02-19-2017)

Plastic Pollution: When The Mermaids Cry, The Great Plastic Tide, Coastal Care
Washed out on our coasts in obvious and clearly visible form, the plastic pollution spectacle blatantly unveiling on our beaches is only the prelude of the greater story that unfolded further away in the world’s oceans, yet mostly originating from where we stand: the land…