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Gulf of Mexico Origin, Waters, and Biota

A continuation of the landmark scientific reference series from the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, Gulf of Mexico Origin, Waters, and Biota, Volume 3, Geology provides the most up-to-date, systematic, cohesive, and comprehensive description of the geology of the Gulf of Mexico Basin. Edited by Noreen A. Buster and Charles W. Holmes.

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Rising Seas: Past, Present, Future

Adopting a long perspective that interprets sea level changes both underway and expected in the near future, Vivien Gornitz, in her new book Rising Seas: Past, Present, Future, completes a highly relevant and necessary study of an unprecedented age in Earth’s history.

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The Human Shore: Seacoasts In History

In his new book, The Human Shore: Seacoasts in History published by University of Chicago Press, November 2012, historian John R. Gillis explores the deep history of seacoasts, the original home of humankind.

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Inside Climate Change and Our World’s Beaches with Dr. Orrin Pilkey

There is a vivid and glorious history of writing about the environment, ecology and the world around us… The fact is that these books continue to be important not only for armchair scientists but for the rest of us to contemplate our place in this tense, fragile world. Dr. Orrin H. Pilkey offers two decidedly different takes on the genre in his latest works…

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Sullie Saves the Seas

Sullie Saves the Seas, by Goffinet McLaren is a fun and educational little paperback for children that explores the human extremes of caring and indifference as a small group of dedicated birds battle to preserve our oceans. The story is dedicated to all the sea birds, whales, dolphins, seals, and turtles that have lost their lives to plastic pollution…

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The Beach Book: Science of the Shore

Waves and tides, wind and storms, sea-level rise and shore erosion: these are the forces that shape our beaches, and beach lovers of all stripes can benefit from learning more about how these coastal processes work. The more we learn about coastline formation and maintenance, the better we can appreciate and cultivate our shores… A book by Carl H. Hobbs.

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Coastal Heroes

In Coastal Heroes, an ever-enthusiastic Miles Hayes tells the story of a long and very distinguished 50-year career as a field geologist and educator. Carried out on all 7 continents, his investigations range from the study of earth history, oil spills, oil exploration, and barrier islands and beaches… A book by Miles O. Hayes, published by Pandion Books

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How to Read a Florida Gulf Coast Beach

“Explore the geology of Florida’s Gulf Coast beaches, from a bird’s-eye view down to a crab’s-eye view, and you’ll learn how to recognize the stories and read the clues of these dynamic shores, reshaped daily by winds, waves, and sometimes bulldozers or dump trucks.” A book by Tonya Clayton, published by The University of North Carolina Press.

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Cradle of Flames

We may tend to view fires as the bane of cities and wilderness areas, but they actually play an integral part in the evolution and ecology of the world’s “Mediterranean-type climate” regions: dry, temperate coastlands, that cradle and nurture world cities such as Los Angeles, Santiago, Cape Town, Perth and Athens.

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