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The environment in 2050: flooded cities, forced migration – and the Amazon turning to savannah

After storms Dirk, Petra, Qumaira, Ruth monster storm was the latest of the series of Atlantic storms battering Brittany’s coast, France. Photo source: ©© Cecile Nouail


A storm is certainly brewing. The science is clear on that. The question now is how we face it.

Unless we focus on shared solutions, violent storms and devastating blazes could be the least of the world’s troubles. Civilisation itself will be at risk…

Read Full Article; Guardian UK (12-30-2019)

There’s a Texas-size area of hot sea water off the coast of New Zealand

New Zealand. Photo source: © SAF — Coastal Care


In the South Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand, satellite imagery shows a massive area of ocean water at well-above-average temperatures.

The water in the area is about 5 degrees Celsius (about 9 degrees Fahrenheit) “warmer than average for the latitude and time of year,” said James Renwick, a professor and head of the School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand…

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The global price tag for 100 Percent renewable energy: $73 trillion

Offshore wind farm. Photo source: ©© Ray Wewerka


A global effort to transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 would cost nations $73 trillion upfront — but the expense will pay for itself in under seven years, according to a new report from researchers at Stanford University.

The study also found that the shift to a zero-carbon global economy would create 28.6 million more full-time jobs than if nations continue their current reliance on fossil fuels…

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It’s time to prepare for a changing Earth; By Orrin Pilkey

Photograph courtesy of: © William Neal, Orrin Pilkey & Norma Longo.


Global climate change is an obvious fact and we are already in the midst of it. The time for action is now. In two decades, in the opinion of many climatologists, it will be too late to prevent catastrophic global damage…

Read Full Article; By Orrin Pilkey, The Charlotte Observer (12-05-2019)

Freak storms of 2019 Atlantic hurricane season left trail of destruction and revealed climate change fingerprints

Dorian hurricane. Search and rescue efforts in the Bahamas (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Seaman Erik Villa Rodriguez). Captions and image source: ©© Coast Guard


Both Dorian and Lorenzo, which became the strongest hurricane to develop so far northeast in the Atlantic, attained Category 5 strength. The storms brought the count of Category 5s in the Atlantic since 2016 up to six, and marked the fourth year in a row with at least one Category 5, the longest stretch on record.

The historic intensity of both Dorian and Lorenzo, exhibited influences consistent with warming ocean waters and climate change…

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