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California Impressions; By Noah Gorelick



By young artist Noah Gorelick

“Today’s world has become increasingly disconnected from the beauty and importance of nature. Climate change is here in full force, people know what they need to do to save the planet from destruction and pollution, and yet, only a disappointing minority of individuals appears to actually take the necessary steps to ensure that future generations do not look back on us all with sadness, as the people that destroyed the natural world that once existed in harmony with human beings.

On Point Dume in Malibu, California, where I have grown up, the beach is a part of my everyday life. My friends and family use the beach to reconnect with nature and to have fun, while the unobserved lives of the true locals, the animals, go on in peace. The beach is a place where we surf, relax and enrich our lives. To see this natural beauty tainted by degradations of all sort, not just on my beach, but on the beaches around the world, is saddening.

Throughout my life, I have seen that the beach and the ocean have not only been places of recreation, but have made me into a different and better person. There are future generations that may not be able to know the joy that the natural beaches and healthy oceans can bring.

We want to be remembered as the generation that did the right thing, not the unsustainable and careless thing…”

Noah is an 11th grade artist, from California.

Pipe Dream; By Sean Davey



By © Sean Davey

“Sean Davey first picked up a Kodak 126 Instamatic camera after school one afternoon in late October of 1977, to photograph a tiny perfect wave at his home beach. Little did he know at the time that it would develop into a lifelong obsession that would take Sean many, many places, in pursuit of his chosen craft of photography.

Fast forward some 30 years and Sean is now a veteran of the surf scene. Widely published in several countries, a career that has spawned more than a 140 magazine covers along the way. When not in Hawaii, shooting the north shore, Sean often leads exploratory photo expeditions to many of the worlds more “out of the way” surf zones…” —About Sean Davey Photography

Sean Davey Photography

Sean Davey, Facebook

Freedom Breach, Maui; By Pasha Reshikov



By © Pasha Reshikov

“I took this shot while on a sailboat off the west side of Maui Island in Hawaii this past winter. During the winter, North Pacific Humpback Whales migrate all the way from Alaska to mate, give birth and prepare the young ones for the journey back cross the Pacific to feed in Alaska in the summers. Maui’s west coast provides warm and shallow waters which makes it ideal for whales offsprings.

While on the boat I saw many breaches and I was amazed by how “easily” and gracefully a creature that weighs over a ton can propel itself out of the water into the air with just few strokes. There was so much playfulness, power and freedom in it, I wanted to capture and share that moment with others and that’s how “Freedom Breach” came about!”

Note: “I am currently fundraising to make short films similar to “Mana Kai”, to raise awareness about various ocean plastic pollution issues, and all sales from “Freedom Breach” prints go directly to fund that. If you are interested in a print please contact me directly.” —Pasha Reshikov

“Mana Kai” Movie by Pasha Reshikov, Learn More
“Mana Kai,” “Spirit of the Ocean” in hawaiian, is a short film exploring the relationship of humans and the ocean…

“Mana Kai,” Facebook

Tide pool, Monterey, California; By Marcelina Cavat



By © Marcelina Cavat – Angel Azur Movie

“As a photographer I’ve been drawn to the organic design nature so expertly displays! It can be found anywhere and everywhere that nature exists. Rocks, with their ancient history of mysterious origin are no exception. Their colors alone tell stories…their shapes and textures provide clues. This tide pool begged to be photographed on one sunny morning in Monterey, California. ”

Angel Azul Movie, Learn More