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Satellite observations show sea levels rising, and climate change is accelerating it

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care.


Sea level rise is happening now, and the rate at which it is rising is increasing every year, according to a study released Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Researchers, led by University of Colorado-Boulder professor of aerospace engineering sciences Steve Nerem, used satellite data dating to 1993 to observe the levels of the world’s oceans…

Read Full Article; CNN (02-12-2018)

Research team detects an acceleration in the 25-year satellite sea level record; PhysOrg (02-12-2018)
Global sea level rise is not cruising along at a steady 3 mm per year, it’s accelerating a little every year, like a driver merging onto a highway, according to a powerful new assessment led by CIRES Fellow Steve Nerem. He and his colleagues harnessed 25 years of satellite data to calculate that the rate is increasing by about 0.08 mm/year every year—which could mean an annual rate of sea level rise of 10 mm/year, or even more, by 2100…

Original study: “Climate-change–driven accelerated sea-level rise detected in the altimeter era”, PNAS (02-12-2018)

New Trump Administration Flood Standards Mirror Obama-Era Rules

Photograph courtesy of: © William Neal, Orrin Pilkey & Norma Longo.


Six months after President Trump revoked an Obama-era rule mandating that federally funded projects account for future sea level rise and flooding, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has announced that recipients of $7.4 billion in disaster recovery grants must do just that — seemingly representing a reversal of the administration’s stance on climate preparedness…

Read Full Article; Yale E360 (02-08-2018)

Climate change threatens half of US bases worldwide, Pentagon report finds

Norfolk Naval Base Piers, Norfolk Virginia. Photo source: ©© Missy Schhmidt


Nearly half of US military sites are threatened by wild weather linked to climate change, according to a new Pentagon study whose findings run contrary to White House views on global warming…

Read Full Article; Guardian UK (01-31-2018)

In the Trump era, rising seas still a concern for Defense Department; The Virginian Pilot (10-27-2017)
Climate scientists in the federal government have been on the defensive since President Donald Trump took office in January. But military leaders will continue to address the risks that climate change poses to bases and national security, a senior Pentagon official said at conference Friday on sea level rise…

Sea level rise a big issue for military in Hampton Roads, science says; Pilot Online (07-27-2016)
A new Union of Concerned Scientists study evaluated the risks of climate-induced inundation at a sample of 18 military bases on the East and Gulf of Mexico coasts. Flooding and storm surge at Langley and other coastal military installations will only get worse — maybe a lot worse…

NASA’s Front Porch View of Rising Seas, NASA (09-12-2015)
For the past two centuries, two trends have been steady and clear around the United States. Sea level has been rising, and more people have been moving closer to the coast…

Rising Seas Threaten Everything from Wallops to Resorts, DelmarvaNow (03-21-2015)

Erosion Threatens Iconic NASA Launch Pads, USA Today, (06-20-2015)

Encroaching Tides, A Report By The Union of Concerned Scientists (10-08-2014)

On the Chesapeake, A Precarious Future of Rising Seas and High Tides; Video

Eroding marsh shoreline, Chesapeake Bay. Photo source: ©© chesbayprogram


Maryland’s Dorchester County is ground zero for climate change on Chesapeake Bay, as rising seas claim more and more land. An e360 video explores the quiet beauty of this liquid landscape and how high tides and erosion are putting the bay’s rural communities at risk…

Read Full Article And Watch Video, Yale E360 (01-22-2018)

Century of data shows sea-level rise shifting tides in Delaware, Chesapeake bays; Science Daily (01-24-2018)

727 People on Chesapeake Bay Island Could Become America’s First ‘Climate Refugees’; LiveScience (12-15-2015)

Communities of Southern Chesapeake Bay Find Sea Level Rise Heightened by Sinking Land, USGS (12-11-2013)
Communities and coastal habitats in the southern Chesapeake Bay region face increased flooding because, as seawater levels are rising in the bay, the land surface is also sinking. A new USGS report concludes that intensive groundwater withdrawals are a major cause of the sinking land, that contributes to flooding risks in the region…

Tangier Island: Another Disappearing Island In The Chesapeake Bay, a BBC Video Documentary (11-29-2011)
Tangier Island lies in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay and is 92 miles (148km) southeast of Washington, DC. This small piece of land is barely above sea level and its 500 residents are fighting for its survival…

As Sea Levels Rise, is the Ocean Floor Sinking?

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


A new paper in the journal Geophysical Research Letters suggests that redistribution of the total ocean mass from ice mass loss and land water storage is causing “the ocean bottom to subside elastically.”

A team of researchers from Delft University and the University of Tasmania used estimates of mass redistribution concluded that past estimates of sea level rise are too conservative and that to increase their accuracy, the effect of ocean bottom deformation should be taken into account, either based on modeled estimates of ocean mass change, or using more direct observations…

Read Full Article, EcoMagazine (01-05-2018)

Original Study: “Ocean Bottom Deformation Due To Present-Day Mass Redistribution and Its Impact on Sea Level Observations,” (12-23-2017)
Present-day mass redistribution increases the total ocean mass and, on average, causes the ocean bottom to subside elastically…

Nowhere to Hide from Climate Change

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


The water is nibbling away the beaches of Fiji. Not even the dead are allowed peace of mind. The graveyard of Togoru – a village on the largest island of Fiji – has been submerged. The waves are sloshing softly against the tilted tombstones covered with barnacles. The names have become illegible, erased by the sea…

Read Full Article, IPS News (01-02-2018)

Escaping the Waves: a Fijian Village Relocates, a Video (10-03-2015)
“When many understand climate change in concept but not through personal experience, this exhibit carries great weight…”

Fiji becomes first country in the world to ratify Paris agreement, Guardian UK (02-15-2016)

Kiwi graves disappearing off cliffs in Rarotonga ‘like no one cares’, TVNZ (02-23-2016)

Rising Seas Wash Dead Away from Marshall Islands Graves, Guardian UK (06-06-2014)

Cemeteries in the Sea; By William J. Neal & Orrin H. Pilkey
Cemeteries by the sea are silent sentinels. Like lighthouses and coastal fortifications, they bear dates of former times when they were on high and dry land…

Voices From the South Pacific, Video (uploaded 11-19-2010)
UNDP produced a film about the reality of climate change in the Pacific island of Kiribati. The film clearly shows how people’s lives are being affected right now by rising sea waters…

“We Are Fighting For Survival,” Pacific Islands Leader Warns, Guardian UK (08-31-2013)

An American beach story: when property rights clash with the rising sea

Photograph courtesy of: © William Neal, Orrin Pilkey & Norma Longo.


The American ethos of individualism is clashing with efforts to protect coastal communities against sea level rise, often to the homeowners’ detriment…

Rising sea levels driven by climate change are forcing communities like Humarock to confront a troubling future. The global water line has risen by about 8 inches on average since 1900, and it’s expected to rise about that much or more by 2050…

Read Full Article, Inside Climate News (12-14-2017)

The only answer to rising seas is to retreat; By Orrin H. Pilkey & Keith C. Pilkey, The News & Observer (10-18-2017)

Rising seas threaten nearly $1 trillion worth of US homes, and most of them are moderately priced; CNBC (10-18-2017)
If sea levels were to rise 6 feet, 1.9 million homes, or $916 billion worth of U.S. residential real estate, could be lost, according to a new report…

We can’t ignore the rising sea; By Orrin H. Pilkey (06-15-2016)

Sea Level Rise Will Reshape U.S. Population In All 50 States; Yale E360 (04-19-2017)
Sea level rise could cause mass migrations that will affect not just the United States’ East Coast, but reshape communities deep in the heart of the country, according to new research…

‘King tides’ are rising, so groups span globe to monitor it

Acqua alta, Venice, Italy. Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


From coast to coast, hundreds of tide watchers come out with their cameras to record the latest ‘king tides,’ brief episodes of tidal flooding that could become the norm, with expected sea-level rise.

King tides are a colloquial term for the highest tides of the year. They occur when the moon is closest to the earth at moments when the sun, moon and Earth are in alignment, increasing the gravitational forces at play.

A decade ago, few had heard of “king tides,” much less waded through them in galoshes. Now, Miami regularly floods. So does Myrtle Beach, Charleston and other U.S. cities. And more than ever, groups of citizens are out there photographing the results, uploading the pics and debating what the future will bring…

Read Full Article, The Sacramento Bee (12-08-2017)

King Tides: What Explains High Water Threatening Global Coasts? The National Geographic (03-09-2014)

Turning tides: a glimpse into our future with rising sea levels; SUP (06-22-2016)

We can’t ignore the rising sea; By Orrin H. Pilkey (06-15-2016)

As U.S. Coastal Cities Swell, Rising Seas Threaten Millions, Climate Central (03-14-2016)

Up to 70 Percent of Northeast U.S. Coast May Adapt to Rising Seas, USGS (03-14-2016)

Sea Level Rise Accelerating In U.S. Atlantic Coast, USGS (06-25-2012)

Sea level rise threatens U.S. historic sites, CBS News (04-13-2016)
Many of the most threatened sites in North America lie along the East Coast between Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, and southern Maine, where the rate of sea level rise is among the fastest in the world…

Abrupt Sea Level Rise Looms As Increasingly Realistic Threat, Yale E360 (05-11-2016)
Ninety-nine percent of the planet’s freshwater ice is locked up in the Antarctic and Greenland ice caps. Now, a growing number of studies are raising the possibility that as those ice sheets melt, sea levels could rise by six feet this century, and far higher in the next, flooding many of the world’s populated coastal areas…

Sea levels rose faster in 20th century than in previous 2,700 years, says study; CNN (02-23-2016)
Scientists have modeled a history of the planet’s sea levels spanning back 3,000 years, and concluded that the rate of increase last century “was extremely likely faster than during any of the 27 previous centuries.”

Rethinking Urban Landscapes To Adapt to Rising Sea Levels; Yale E360 (03-03-2016)
From Shanghai and Mumbai to New York and Buenos Aires, even a few feet of sea level rise threatens to flood homes and highways, inundate sewage treatment plants, and contaminate drinking water. Landscape architect Kristina Hill argues that cities need to start planning now for impacts that will happen 50 or 100 years in the future…

Five Pacific islands vanish from sight as sea levels rise, New Scientist (05-09-2016)
Five of the Solomon Islands have been swallowed whole by rising sea levels, offering a glimpse into the future of other low-lying nations…

Escaping the Waves: a Fijian Village Relocates, a Video (10-03-2015)
“When many understand climate change in concept but not through personal experience, this exhibit carries great weight…”

“Retreat from a Rising Sea,” A book by Orrin H. Pilkey, Linda Pilkey-Jarvis, and Keith C. Pilkey

Rising waters: can a massive barrier save Venice from drowning?

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


A retractable barrier designed to protect Venice from sea level rise and storm surges is set to be operational next year. But the project’s engineering limitations and cost overruns are raising questions about the mega-projects that many coastal cities are hoping can save them…

Read Full Article, Yale E360 (12-05-2017)

Venice: Long-Admired Gondola Feature Threatened by Rising Waters; Guardian UK 10-21-2014

Parting the Sea to Save Venice, NASA / Earth Observatory (03-30-2014)

Venice Fights Back; City Lab (02-10-2017)

Can We Save Venice Before It’s Too Late?(08-29-2016)

Walls Around our Coastal Cities? By Pr. Gary Griggs