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How Waves Shapes Could Explain Deadly Tsunamis


Ocean waves are complex and often turbulent. While most ocean-wave interactions are essentially linear, sometimes two or more waves interact in a nonlinear way. Thus, X- and Y-shaped ocean waves that are often seen at beaches may help explain why tsunamis can be so devastating, researchers say.

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Plan Approved to Find Faults Near Diablo Canyon, California


In a showdown that pit antinuclear activists against marine-mammal supporters, the California State Lands Commission approved PG&E’s plans to begin conducting high-energy 3-d offshore seismic tests to determine the extent to which the faults offshore from the Diablo Canyon Power Plant in Avila Beach connect…

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Strong earthquake hits off El Salvador coast


A strong magnitude-7.3 earthquake struck off the coast of El Salvador followed an hour later by a magnitude-5.4 aftershock; a tsunami alert off the central American coast was issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

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Oregon Authorities To demolish Japanese Tsunami Dock


Demolition experts on the west coast of the United States will this week tackle a continuing environmental threat created by last year’s Japanese devastating earthquake and tsunami.

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Why the 2012 Sumatra Earthquake Was a Weird One


Already a curiosity for its sheer size, the 8.6-magnitude earthquake that shook the seafloor west of the Indonesian island of Sumatra on April 11 appears to have been even weirder than scientists thought.

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Fukushima beach reopens to the public


As locals enjoy the beach near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station, and splashing in the sea for the first time since the tsunami and nuclear disaster, thousands protest in Tokyo.

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NOAA makes $250,000 in grants available to states impacted by tsunami debris


NOAA announced that $250,000 in grants has been made available through its marine debris program to five states impacted by debris from the March 2011 Japanese tsunami.

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The Fukushima report hides behind the cultural curtain


More than a year after a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami struck Japan on 11 March 2011, the Fukushima nuclear accident independent investigation commission released an 88-page report this week delivering the indictment that Fukushima could not be considered a natural disaster but a “profoundly man-made disaster”…

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Find Tsunami Debris On The Oregon Coast? Call 211


Find a boxcar-sized dock on the beach, or a soccer ball with Japanese symbols? The state of Oregon wants to hear from you. Just dial 211.

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