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Big Bill for Levee Upkeep Comes to New Orleans


In the busy and under-staffed offices of New Orleans’ flood-control leaders, there’s an uneasy feeling about what lies ahead…

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Ocean Still Suffering From Fukushima Fallout


Radioactivity is persisting in the ocean waters close to Japan’s ruined nuclear power plant at Fukushima Daiichi.

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Magnitude 7.7 quake strikes off Canadian coast


A magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck off the west coast of Canada; the National Weather Service issued a tsunami warning for coastal areas of British Columbia, southern Alaska and Hawaii, but later canceled it for the first two and downgraded it to an advisory for Hawaii.

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Japan Struggling To Store Radioactive Water


Japan’s crippled nuclear power plant is struggling to find space to store tens of thousands of tonnes of highly contaminated water used to cool the broken reactors, the manager of the water treatment team has said.

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Japan Tsunami Gives Lessons On Disaster Management


Japan and the World Bank held an international meeting on disaster management, and released a joint study aimed at sharing experiences from last year, when a 9.0-magnitude quake and resulting tsunami crushed the coast and triggered the worst nuclear crisis in a generation.

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“Coming To A Beach Near You” by Eddie Jarvis


The beaches of the Pacific Northwest are being invaded by stowaways from a nuclear catastrophe that would have made Dr. Strangelove flinch…

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Sumatra Quake in April Tied to Sea Floor Changes


The sequence of huge earthquakes that struck off the coast of Sumatra in April may signal the creation of a new tectonic plate boundary.

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British Columbia Planning tsunami cleanup as Japan, Canada continue funding talks


British Columbia could see an increase in debris washing ashore from the Japanese tsunami as winter storms begin to batter the coast, and the province’s environment minister says there will be a plan in place by the end of October to deal with collection and disposal.

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Bin in Hawaii confirmed to be Japan tsunami debris


A large plastic bin is the first confirmed piece of marine debris from last year’s Japan tsunamis to arrive in Hawaii, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Friday.

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