The Batik Art of Mary Edna Fraser; A Book By Cecelia Dailey

The Batik Art of Mary Edna Fraser, retrospective of a renowned environmental artist

By Cecelia Dailey An internationally renowned artist, Mary Edna Fraser’s architectural installations

Big Talbot Island’s Blackrock Trail; By Cecelia Dailey

By Cecelia Dailey

The locals call it “lava beach”—a misnomer which leads some to believe the unique formation found here are igneous in origin. But these mystifying “black rocks” crumble to the touch, staining the hands, feeling gritty with sand. …

Captain Sams Spit, Kiawah Island; By Cecelia Dailey


By Cecelia Dailey

Since 2008, concerned citizens and environmental organizations have opposed the development of Captain Sams Spit, Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

South Street Partners (who purchased the holdings of Kiawah Development Partners) want to build 50 houses on this …

Part 2: Excursions in Cape Romain; By Cecelia Dailey


By Cecelia Dailey

Through a series of excursions, I bring to you some ground-truthing in Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, SC as an amateur naturalist. My friend Charlie McAlister often navigated these waters with me in his small wooden skiff.

Cape Romain – Part 1: Decoding the structure of Cape Island; By Cecelia Dailey


By Cecelia Dailey

Cape Romain is South Carolina’s only cape and its most erosional coast. (1) Here is a vast estuary, with beaches miles offshore, only accessible by boat. Behind the beach is a labyrinth of islands and creeks, mostly …

Cape San Blas, Florida; By Celie Dailey


By Celie Dailey;

The remote Cape San Blas on the Florida Panhandle is photographed here in the fall. Huge vegetated dunes and many trails for exploration can be easily accessed from the tent sites at St. Joseph State Park. Pine …

Asilah, Morocco: A Coastal Town Seeking Modernity; By Celie Dailey


By Celie Dailey;

Asilah (also Assilah or Arzila) is a beautifully revived town on the Atlantic coast of Morocco whose medina is white washed every year in preparation for its annual arts festival. (1) Within the oldest part of the …

Ancient La Caleta Beach and Cove; By Cecelia Dailey

By Cecelia Dailey,

From the south, the route to the ancient city of Cadiz moves through rolling hills lined with windmills, then miles of estuary and flooded fields along the Andalusian coast of Spain. Abandoned and living mouths of alluvial …

Morris Island Lighthouse & the Moving Beach; By Celie Dailey


Morris Island Lighthouse, SC. Batik on silk, by © Mary Edna Fraser.
44” x 36”

By Celie Dailey

Morris Island Lighthouse is now located over 1,500 feet out to sea on a sand shoal surrounded by a small seawall. The …