Asilah, Morocco: A Coastal Town Seeking Modernity; By Celie Dailey

Asilah is a beautifully revived town on the Atlantic coast of Morocco whose medina is white washed every year in preparation for its annual arts festival. Outside the medina walls lapped by ocean tides, there is a craggy shore with bright green algae growing on its eroded rocks. To the north, there are wide, flat sandy beaches but to the south, cliffs and caves are found on shoreline.

Morris Island Lighthouse & the Moving Beach; By Celie Dailey

Morris Island Lighthouse is now located over 1,500 feet out to sea on a sand shoal surrounded by a small seawall. The relatively deep 35-foot foundation of the spindle has allowed it to continue standing as the land moved out from under it. Originally constructed a quarter-mile behind the beach, the lighthouse has survived storms, rising sea level, and barrier island migration since 1876.

Charleston’s vulnerable future, through the eyes of an artist; By Celie Dailey

Artist Mary Edna Fraser lives on an intertidal creek in Charleston, South Carolina. Although having depicted coastal regions around the world, it is this landscape that she knows best. Much of the city of Charleston lies at about eight feet above sea level and when high tide combines with a little rain, flooding is rampant all over the city.