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Shipwreck causes oil slick and threatens penguin colony on South Atlantic island

Photo source: ©© Chris pearson72

By The Press Association

A wrecked ship is threatening to cause an environmental disaster on an island which is home to endangered penguins, conservationists have warned.

The vessel has grounded on Nightingale Island, part of the Tristan da Cunha UK overseas territory in the South Atlantic, causing an oil slick around the island which is home to nearly half the world’s population of northern rockhopper penguins.

Some 1,500 tonnes of heavy crude oil from the MS Olivia, which was shipping soya beans between Rio de Janeiro and Singapore, is leaking into the sea.

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Race to Save Oil Slicked Penguins Colony, is Underway

Gulf of Mexico: a New 100 Mile Oil Sheen Reported

Oil in the surf, Orange beach, Alabama, June 2010. Captions and Photo source: ©© David Rencher


The US Coast Guard is currently investigating reports of a potentially massive oil sheen 20 miles north of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion from last April.

Multiple reports have come in of a sheen nearly 100 miles long and 12 miles wide originating near the site…


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Tsunami Washes Away Feathered Victims West of Hawaii

Debris and Injured Birds in Lagoon at Midway Atoll. Floating island of debris and injured birds in lagoon at Midway Atoll. Photo source: Pete Leary/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


The massive waves that churned across the Pacific after the Japan earthquake last week swept away nests protecting seabird chicks unable to fly, leaving scores dead west of Hawaii.

The death of seabirds at the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge are much higher than initially thought after tsunami waves pounded the islands, officials said.

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Midway Atoll, View Photos Slideshow, Midway Atoll NWR 2011 Tsunami

Illegal Sand-Mining Threatens Sea Turtle Population, St Kitts-Nevis

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


The biodiversity of St Kitts and Nevis, including the sea turtle population, is under threat due to the increase in illegal sand-mining that is taking place.

Sea turtles use the sand to nest their eggs and are among the animals for which the beach is a means of survival of the species…

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The Gulf and the Environment: Redefining the Relationship

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


“After being away from the Gulf for several months I had come down with a team from Ocean Conservancy to find out what was happening almost a year later. Unfortunately, Lynette’s story confirmed my fears, that just because the oil was largely out of sight and for many out of mind, it was still wreaking havoc on the environment and the people whose lives depend on it…”

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Kenya Bans Plastic Bags

Photo source: ©© Jelen Photo


Early this year, January 9th 2011, Kenya outlawed the manufacture and import of plastic bags for damaging the environment, effective in March.

The ban is on bags up to 0.06 millimetres (60 microns) in thickness which winds often carry hundreds of kilometres (miles) from their source of origin…

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Building a Plastic Bottle Boat in Kenya, OpEd News
Tourists regularly leave plastic water bottles on Kenya’s beaches. One man decided to do something about it, in the form of a boat…

Facebook Group to Rally Against Barbados’ Scenic East Coast Tourism Development

Barbados, East Coast. Photo source: ©© Sue Kellermann


Opposition is mounting in Barbados, against a plan by foreign investors to develop popular recreational spot Cove Bay, St. Lucy into a multi-million dollar resort.

The investors have plan that includes the construction of villas and a restaurant along the cliff there, but news of the project is raising concern, prompting the establishment of a Facebook group that now has more than 750 members, and words of concern from the Barbados National Trust…

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