Coastal Care

Our mission is to raise awareness of and mobilize people against the ongoing decimation of coastlines and oceans around the world.

Day: May 5, 2012

Chittagong Beach Ship Breaking Yards, Bangladesh

Chittagong Beach Ship Breaking Yards, Bangladesh

Stretched along 12 miles of what just a decade ago was a pristine sandy beach, ore carriers, container ships, gas tankers, cruise liners and cargo ships of every size and description are being dismantled by hand in 140 similar yards, at Chittagong beach Ship Breaking Yard, Bangladesh, the world’s second largest ship breaking area. Every year more than 250 redundant ships, many from Britain and Europe, come here to be broken up.

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Climate Impacts Day: Connecting the Dots

Climate Impacts Day: Connecting the Dots

“We just celebrated Earth Day. May 5 is more like Broken Earth Day, a worldwide witness to the destruction global warming is already causing,” said author, environmentalist and founder Bill McKibben. “People everywhere are saying the same thing: our tragedy is not some isolated trauma, it’s part of a pattern…”

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