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June 22, 2024

Ocean Wonders: Slumber in the Sea Long Story Shorts: What Role Does Sound Play in the Ocean?

Have you ever wondered how sound works underwater? Or how much life in the ocean depends on hearing and being heard? Watch this episode of Long Story Shorts to get the answers, and find out what happens when we interfere with the soundscapes of the sea.

This episode is part of (the Hakai Institute’s) series Long Story Shorts—fun, quick explainers about all things coastal science!

Series produced by Kristina Blanchflower and Katrina Pyne

Written, edited, and narrated by Kristina Blanchflower

Illustrations by Mercedes Minck

Science consultation provided by Toby Hall

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Screenshot from Hakai Institute's "Ocean Wonders: Slumber in the Sea" via Youtube.

Ocean Wonders: Slumber in the Sea – Hakai Institute

Though we’re still not sure exactly why we and other animals snooze, we do know that sleep can look very different for creatures living underwater. Follow us down into the deep to discover how dozing in the ocean can be more bizarre than your wildest dreams…

Screenshot from NASA Space Kids video, "What Causes Sea Level Rise?" via Youtube.

What Causes Sea Level Rise? – NASA Space Place

People have been measuring local sea level at certain locations along the coasts for hundreds of years. And NASA has been measuring the global sea level for almost three decades. Over this time, scientists have observed that the global sea level has been rising. The ocean is about 7 to 8 inches higher now than it was a century ago. Why? Because Earth is getting warmer…

Screenshot from Hakai Institute video, Long Story Shorts: What Are Hybrid Species? via Youtube.

Long Story Shorts: What Are Hybrid Species? – Hakai Institute

“While tales of centaurs, minotaurs, and other mythical hybrid animals have captured the human imagination for centuries, our planet harbors its own collection of extraordinary beings that blur the lines between species. Journey with us as we explore the wonderful world of real-life hybrid animals….”

Ocean Wonders: Aging in the Abyss – Hakai Institute

“Imagine what it might be like to get old living in the deep. From creatures that exist for just a matter of days to others that never quite die, animal aging in the deep blue is as wild as the sea itself. Join us as we take a look at what it’s like to grow old in the ocean…”

Screenshot from Hakai Institute video, Ocean Wonders: A Symphony of Smells, via Youtube.

Ocean Wonders: A Symphony of Smells – Hakai Institute

“Take a whiff of the sea breeze. What happens to that scent when you sink below the surface? It turns out the sense of smell is crucial to those living in the deep. Hold your breath—but not your nose—as we explore olfaction in the ocean…”

Screenshot from Coasts for Kids Series, Episode 1 CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 DEED via Youtube

What is the Coast? – Coasts for Kids Series

The ‘Coasts for Kids’ animations is a young kids and family-friendly video series for all ages to learn why coasts are important, how do beaches and dunes work, how do people affect them, and what can we do about it. The episodes cover KS2 educational and environmental messages allowing everyone to understand, enjoy, and care for our coasts…

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Screenshot from of Hakai Institute's Long Story Shorts: What is a Core Sample? via Youtube.

Long Story Shorts: What Is a Core Sample? – Hakai Institute

Have you ever wanted to go back in time— just to see what it was like? Well, scientists have figured out how …sort of… Watch this video to find out how tree, ice, and sediment cores can tell us all sorts of things about the past…

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