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Our mission is to raise awareness of and mobilize people against the ongoing decimation of coastlines and oceans around the world.

Day: March 11, 2017

Goleta Beach vs. Winter Swells, CA

Goleta Beach vs. Winter Swells, CA

This is the third winter in four years that Goleta Beach Park has taken a beating in the winter swells. Even behind the boulders- dropped along 950 feet of beach at a cost of $275,000 – the park bluff is retreating, unprotected by a ripped out $350,000 barrier of plastic mesh, that had been stacked against the bluffs last spring.

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Video captures moment plastic enters food chain

Video captures moment plastic enters food chain

A scientist has filmed the moment plastic microfibre is ingested by plankton, illustrating how the material is affecting life beneath the waves. The footage shows one way that plastic waste could be entering the marine and global food chain.

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