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Pictures Show How Modern Life Is Altering the Natural World

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Every part of modern life is touched by technology, and every part of technology requires something that once came from the ground: the silicon dioxide (glass) in your cell phone, the phosphorous it took to grow your food, the copper in the wires that brought this article to your eyes, and a thousand other examples.

This is the imprint that photographer Edward Burtynsky felt compelled to capture in his latest book, Essential Elements, the work of more than a dozen trips and assignments over the past 15 years…

Read Full Article, National Geographic (01-11-2016)

Sand, Rarer Than One Thinks: A UNEP report (GEA-March 2014)
Despite the colossal quantities of sand and gravel being used, our increasing dependence on them and the significant impact that their extraction has on the environment, this issue has been mostly ignored by policy makers and remains largely unknown by the general public.
In March 2014 The United Nations released its first Report about sand mining. “Sand Wars” film documentary by Denis Delestrac – first broadcasted on the european Arte Channel, May 28th, 2013, where it became the highest rated documentary for 2013 – expressly inspired the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to publish this 2014-Global Environmental Alert.

Age-Old Problem: River in Jordan Polluted by Copper 7,000 Years Ago; LiveScience (12-13-2016)

Human impact has pushed Earth into the Anthropocene, scientists say; Guardian UK (01-08-2016)
There is now compelling evidence to show that humanity’s impact on the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and wildlife has pushed the world into a new geological epoch, an “Anthropocene” – ending the current Holocene which began around 12,000 years ago…

The Ryukyu Islands: a destination gaining fame, for good reason

Hateruma, Yaeyama Islands, Ryukyu Archipelago.
Closer to Taiwan than Japan the Yaeyama Islands hold some of the most naturally beautiful places in Japan.
This group of 19 sub-tropical islands forms the remotest part of the Ryukyu Archipelago, which makes up Okinawa prefecture.
This group of subtropical islands is famous for the coral reefs surrounding them making up some of the best scuba diving in Asia and the world. The Yaeyama Islands are also known for the virgin rain forests that covers many of the inhabited and uninhabited Islands in the archipelago.
Photo source: ©© Kobaken


There’s a wonderland off the coast of Japan where the water is gloriously turquoise, the sand is perfectly white and you can lie on a beach with few neighbors besides the friendly sea turtles beneath the surface.

Behold the Ryukyu Islands, an archipelago that stretches from the southwestern tip of Japan to Taiwan…

Read Full Article, Huffington Post (01-05-2017)

Yaeyama Islands: The forgotten corner of Japan; TimeOut (02-13-2015)

The Yaeyama Islands Are Japan’s Must-Visit Hidden Treasure; The Culture Trip (11-23-2016)

Japan’s Yaeyama isles: Pearls of the Pacific; Independent (09-12-2014)

Coastal Care: A 5 years Rewind: 2011 – 2016 In Numbers and Achievements

Coastal Care: A 5 years Rewind: 2011 – 2016 In Numbers and Achievements

  • 5,230 Articles In Just Washed In
  • 94 Scientific Articles & Dossiers
  • 58 New Picture of the Month
  • 55 New Photographers
  • 61 New Beach of the Month
  • 41 Book Reviews
  • 2 Scientific Missions
  • 5 New Books publication supported by Santa Aguila Foundation – Coastal Care
  • A New Documentary Film, “Sand Wars”, created by award-wining director Denis Delestrac, supported by Santa Aguila Foundation – Coastal Care, produced by Rappi Productions and La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse.

Our gratitude and thanks to the contributors who have supported Coastal Care’s journey for the past five years.
—Santa Aguila Foundation – Coastal Care

  • Johnny Abegg
  • Kenneth & Gabrielle Adelman
  • Renate Aller
  • Dorothea V. Ames
  • Jeanette C. Arkle
  • Branden Aroyan
  • J.Ben Art
  • Yann Arthus-Bertrand
  • Lyndie Benson
  • Jon C. Boothroyd
  • Robynne Boyd
  • Noreen A. Buster
  • Margaret R. Caldwell
  • Marcelina Cavat
  • Sylvain Cazenave
  • Hubert Cecil
  • Warner Chabot
  • Tonya D. Clayton
  • Hanan Chehata
  • Andrew Coburn
  • Ray Collins
  • Andrew Cooper
  • Aline Coquelle
  • George Crozier
  • Stephen J. Culver
  • Cecelia Dailey
  • Sean Davey
  • Allison Davies
  • Richard A. Davis, Jr.
  • Tim Davis
  • Jason deCaires Taylor
  • Denis Delestrac
  • John Dindo
  • Isabelle Duflo
  • Benjamin Dumas
  • Peter Dupont
  • Carter DuVal
  • Tim Eichenberg
  • Bob Evans
  • Ralph Faust
  • Dr Dominique Filippi
  • Dr. Charles W. Finkl
  • Chip Fletcher
  • Mary Flynn
  • Mary Edna Fraser
  • John R. Gillis
  • Alexander Glass
  • Andy Goldsworthy
  • Noah Gorelick
  • Vivien Gornitz
  • Helena Granja
  • Denis D. Gray
  • Gary Greenberg
  • Matthew Greene
  • Gary Griggs
  • Dominick Guillemot
  • James Marcus Haney
  • Joel Harper
  • Mark Edward Harris
  • Miles O. Hayes
  • Nakisa Herrick
  • Megan M. Herzog
  • Brock Hesselsweet
  • Albert C. Hine
  • Carl Hobbs
  • Brian Hodges
  • Charles W. Holmes
  • Naomi Itami
  • Chester W. Jackson Jr.
  • Andrew Jalbert
  • Eddie Jarvis
  • Joshua Jelly-Schapiro
  • Joshua Jensen-Nagle
  • Jessica Jensen
  • Chris Jordan
  • Ben Kalina
  • David Kassman
  • Joseph T. Kelley
  • Debra Kellner
  • Andrew Kidman
  • Philip King
  • Mat Kubota
  • Liz Lantz
  • Gary Lazorick
  • Maximilien Lebaudy
  • Pablo A.Llerandi-Román
  • Gina Longo
  • Norma Longo
  • Carlos Loureiro
  • Mark Magidson
  • David J. Mallison
  • Marc Martinez Sarrado
  • Owen K. Mason
  • Earle F. McBride
  • Steve McCurry
  • Katie McDowell Peek
  • Goffinet McLaren
  • Molly Loughney Melius
  • Dan Merkel
  • Dean Misczynski
  • Jacqueline Michel
  • Clayton Moore
  • Ole Mouritsen
  • Ryan Moss
  • William J. Neal
  • Rafael Njotea
  • Marc Norman
  • Dag Nummedal
  • Nancy Opitz
  • Chris Orwig
  • R.Nelson Parrish
  • M. Dane Picard
  • Charles O. Pilkey
  • Keith C.Pilkey
  • Orrin H. Pilkey
  • Sharlene Pilkey
  • Linda Pilkey-Jarvis
  • José L.S. Pinho
  • Chuck Place
  • John Platt
  • Dalton Portella
  • Nicole Raineault
  • Guillaume Rappeneau
  • Dan R. Reineman
  • T.C Reiner
  • Richard Renaldi
  • Pasha Reshikov
  • Stanley R. Riggs
  • Paul Rosenstiel
  • Barry Rosenthal
  • Joanna Asha Roznowski
  • Cristina Sáez
  • Susan Salander and team
  • William Sargent
  • Aurofilio Schiavina
  • HA Schult
  • Camille Seaman
  • Hugh Shipman
  • Andrew Short
  • Deepika Shrestha Ross
  • Victor Smetacek
  • Scott Soens
  • Hristo Stanchev
  • Margarita Stancheva
  • Deepika Shrestha Ross
  • Börkur Sigthorsson
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  • Blair and Dawn Witherington
  • Lana Wong
  • Makoto Yamashita
  • Robert Young
  • Thomas Zika
  • Adriana Zingone
  • Anna Zlotovskaya-Schult

  • Angel Azur Movie
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Columbia University Press
  • CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Duke University Press
  • Earth Magazine
  • Felt Soul Media
  • Freedom Tree Publishing
  • Galerie Lelong, New York
  • La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse
  • La Vanguardia Magazine
  • Le Monde / Worldcrunch
  • Middle East Eye Edition
  • Mountain Press
  • Pacific Voyagers
  • Pandion Books
  • Patagonia
  • Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines (PSDS)/ WCU
  • Rappi Productions
  • Starfighter Studios
  • Strawberry Hill Press Publishing
  • Texas A&M University Press
  • The Chronicle Of Higher Education
  • The Kirkus Review
  • UNEP Global Environmental Alert Service (GEAS-03-2014)
  • University Of Chicago Press
  • University of Hawaii Press
  • University of North Carolina Press
  • Pineapple Press Publishing
  • Volna Films

© SAF — Coastal Care

Coastal Care 2016: In Numbers and Achievements

Photograph: © SAF – Coastal Care

Coastal Care 2016: In Numbers and Achievements

  • 734 Articles In Just Washed In
  • 14 Scientific Articles & Dossiers
  • 8 New Picture of the Month
  • 6 New Photographers
  • 9 New Beach of the Month
  • 2 New Books, one authored by Orrin H. Pilkey, the other co-authored by Charles O. Pilkey & Orrin H. Pilkey, supported by Santa Aguila Foundation – Coastal Care, published in 2016.

Our deepest gratitude and thanks to our immensely talented and highly inspiring contributors of 2016.
—Santa Aguila Foundation – Coastal Care

  • Hanan Chehata
  • Andrew Coburn
  • Andrew Cooper
  • Cecelia Dailey
  • Tim Davis
  • Denis Delestrac
  • Isabelle Duflo
  • Benjamin Dumas
  • Dr Dominique Filippi
  • Mary Flynn
  • Mary Edna Fraser
  • John R. Gillis
  • Matthew Greene
  • Gary Griggs
  • Joel Harper
  • Brock Hesselsweet
  • Andrew Jalbert
  • Joshua Jensen-Nagle
  • Jessica Jensen
  • Chris Jordan
  • Joseph T. Kelley
  • Norma Longo
  • William J. Neal
  • Charles O. Pilkey
  • Keith C.Pilkey
  • Orrin H. Pilkey
  • Linda Pilkey-Jarvis
  • John Platt
  • Barry Rosenthal
  • Deepika Shrestha Ross
  • Bill Sutton
  • Peter Wampler
  • Robert Young

  • Columbia University Press
  • Freedom Tree Publishing
  • Middle East Eye Edition
  • Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines (PSDS)/ WCU
  • University of North Carolina Press

Photograph: © SAF – Coastal Care

Mangroves: The Forests of the Tide

Mangrove. Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


A new art exhibition in Yangon, Myanmar, shows the strange beauty of mangrove forests and the important role they play in the wider ecosystem…

Read Full Article, The Wire (12-10-2016)

Let mangroves recover to protect coasts; BBC News (09-17-2016)
Allowing mangrove forests to recover naturally result in more resilient habitats that benefit both wildlife and people, say conservationists…

Mangroves Help Protect Against Sea Level Rise, Science Daily (07-27-2015)
Mangrove forests could play a crucial role in protecting coastal areas from sea level rise caused by climate change, according to new research involving the University of Southampton…

The World Must Invest In Mangroves, The Ecologist (04-11-2014)

Sri Lanka to become the first nation in the world to protect all its mangroves; Guardian UK (05-12-2015)
More than half the world’s mangroves have been lost over the last century but all of those surviving in Sri Lanka, one of their most important havens, are now to be protected in an unprecedented operation…

Destruction of Mangroves Costs up to US$42 billion in Economic Damages Annually – UNEP Report (10-14-2014)
The world is losing its mangroves at a faster rate than global deforestation, the United Nations revealed, in a new report “Importance of Mangroves: A Call to Action,” adding that the destruction of the coastal habitats was costing billions in economic damages and impacting millions of lives…

Melting Away, Algarve, Portugal; By Joshua Jensen-Nagle



“Melting Away. Algarve, Portugal” By © Joshua Jensen-Nagle
Portugal series
All rights remain the property of Joshua Jensen-Nagle.

By © Joshua Jensen-Nagle

For over a decade, Joshua Jensen-Nagle has captivated the viewer with his evocative photographs and singular aesthetic. Best known for his dreamy large scale beaches and romantic European vistas, Jensen-Nagle’s photographs of faraway places impart a nostalgic mood on the viewer.

“For over a decade, I have been photographing beachscapes and have spent the past few years hanging out of helicopters across 4 continents and 8 countries, getting a bird’s eye view of sun lovers around the world and exploring aerial imagery. At first glance, these works may read as abstract, but with a closer look, viewers peruse umbrellas, sunbathers, swimmers and surfers scattered about the scene, creating a colorful composition. My lens not only captures the blissful moments of those in the photograph, but also allows the viewer to reflect on their own memories and attempts to evoke similar emotions of pure happiness.”

Joshua bases his successful full-time art practice in Toronto, and has become a prominent fixture in the arts community. Having mounted over fifty exhibitions in the last 12 years, he has developed a strong standing in the art world, and is collected widely throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

IG: @jensennagle

The Last Wave, Andaman Islands

North Cinque Island, Andaman Islands. Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Environmentalist, freelance journalist, photographer and author Pankaj Sekhsaria has spent 20 years studying and fighting for the ecology of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. His first fiction novel ‘Last Wave’ about these islands, published in 2014, is getting released in Goa along with his photo exhibition.

“My research showed that the Forest Corporation was logging timber from inside the Onge Tribal Reserve and that it was also logging timber in excess of what they were supposed to. The petition highlighted these facts and also dealt with the issue of sand mining along the coasts of the islands. We could see that this sand mining was detrimental to the coastal integrity of the islands and also to species like sea turtles who use the beaches for nesting…”

Read Full Article; Goa (10-24-2016)

Exploring the Andaman culture; The Hindu (06-04-2014)

Best Beaches of the Oregon Coast at Nighttime: Safest, Most Impressive

Cannon Beach, Oregon. Photo source: ©© Stefan Klopp


The pleasures of the Oregon coast beach at night are underrated. Finding a dark beach with no light interference on a clear eve will make for something wondrous. The stars explode around you. Once your eyes adjust to the dark you see things in a whole new way.

Some beaches are easier than others to get to as well. Here is a list of spots along the Oregon coastline that are good – and bad – at night…

Read Full Article, Oregon Coast Beach Connection (09-25-2016)