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Ten Things Kids Want Us to Know About Trash on Beaches and Oceans

Photo source: ©© Muha

Excerpt from Ocean Conservancy, International Coastal Clean-Up 2010

Fourth-graders in New York City conducted cleanups at a local beach and tallied every item they found on Ocean Conservancy’s data card, an experience shared by hundreds of thousands of people around the world every year during Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup.

They shared their findings with us, and we’d like to share them with you. Here are just a few of their observations, presented just as they’ve written them:

1. I was heartbroken. Pollution is ruining the beauty of beaches around the world. -Jocelyn

2. Waves lap at the shore and horseshoe crabs swarm like bees on land and sea. The only thing that distracts you from this beautiful scene is the garbage. Toys, food wrappers, clothing, you name it! -Clara…

Read Full Article, Ocean Conservancy

The data are not in yet but Cleanups and data collection continue through October: Ocean Conservancy about the 25th International Coastal Clean-up Day, held worldwide on September 25th, 2010; Ocean Conservancy

Me and you three; 2 Years, 4 Artists, 8 Beaches: Part Two

Annik Cullinane, Judes Crow, Mary Flynn, Gerry Price.
An exhibition by four island of Wight artists, at Michael West Gallery. Students showed their responses in the form of their own artwork.

For two years, four artists have been making site visits together to coastal locations and visits to eight island beaches, around the Isle of Wight, UK. The result is an eclectic exhibition made cohesive by linking the marine environment to humanity. The work communicates experiences of loss and bereavement, conflict between the undeniable beauty of the coast and evidence of decay, thoughts about permanence and transience, and the rythm and inevitability of change.

Artists Annik Cullinane, Judes Crow, Mary Flynn and Gerry Price created opportunities for young people to engage with the ideas and process that inform the exhibition Me and You three; 2 years, 4 artists, 8 beaches in the Michael West Gallery.

Groups of young people from three local Isle of Wight’s schools visited the exhibition.

These students showed their responses in the form of their own artwork. This took place in the Learning Curve Gallery at Quay Arts Centre 12th June – 24th July 2010.

Over the summer a changing collection of work has unfolded creating a developping exhibition by students from Clatterford Tuition Center, Cowes High School and St George’s Community School.

Clatterford students are 12 to 15 years old, who find attending school difficult for various reasons. They are taught in a centre which aims to get them back into mainstream schools.

St George’s Special School students have varying learning and physical differences and were age 12 to 13.

Cowes High School students’ age 17, are studying for an exam in art.

All the Way to the Ocean

By Nancy Weiner, Editor Southern Sierran

Designed as a children book, Joel Harper’s “All the Way to the Ocean,” illustrated by Marq Spusta, and foreword by Laird Hamilton, delivers a strong message to adults as well about protecting the ocean, keeping our sewers free from garbage, and also about friendship and teamwork. And it is through teamwork that Mr. Harper created this wonderful little book with Mr. Spusta’s colorful, expressive illustrations.

What strikes this reader first upon opening “All the Way to the Ocean,” is that it is ostensibly a labor of love.