Mysteries of Giant Fish, Loch Ness and Sea Serpents

The recent discovery of a monstrous fish off the Southern California coast has people buzzing. Photos of people holding a long piscine monster have spread around the Internet; there are of course many fake “big fish” photos floating around, but this one is not a Photoshop job, nor a hoax.

A Magnificent Waterspout In Croatia, Video

Filmed by storm-chaser/photographer Boris Basic in the historic seaside city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, the video captures the tall, thin vortex as its spins in place, connecting the ocean with the sky.

Ocean Revealed

When astronauts first left this planet and looked back from space, they discovered that the ocean surface was covered with unsuspected and unexplained patterns.

The Amazing Properties of Saltwater-Saturated Beach Sand

Exactly as a suspension of corn starch (corn flour) aka oobleck, the beach sand immersed in salt water becomes a non-Newtonian system: a fluid whose flow behavior departs from that of a Newtonian fluid, so that the rate of shear is not proportional to the corresponding stress.

Children’s Eyes On Earth 2012 Photography Contest, In Pictures

Thousands of young photographers worldwide submitted their images to the youth photography contest, which aims to raise awareness of environmental issues. Children aged 17 and under were encouraged to illustrate the themes of ‘I love nature’ and ‘I hate pollution’…

Sullie Saves the Seas

Sullie Saves the Seas, by Goffinet McLaren is a fun and educational little paperback for children that explores the human extremes of caring and indifference as a small group of dedicated birds battle to preserve our oceans. The story is dedicated to all the sea birds, whales, dolphins, seals, and turtles that have lost their lives to plastic pollution…