Sea Otters: Combat Water Pollution And Promote Recovery of Seagrass Beds

Mother sea otter with rare twin baby pups, Morro Bay, CA. Captions and Photo source: ©© Mike Baird


Seagrass meadows, which provide coastal protection and important habitat for fish, are declining worldwide, partly because of excessive nutrients entering coastal waters in runoff from farms and urban areas.

Scientists studying the decline and recovery of seagrass beds in one of California’s largest estuaries have found that recolonization of the estuary by sea otters was a crucial factor in the seagrass comeback…

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Study: Sea Otters Combat Water Pollution
The familiar sight of a sea otter floating on its back, meal on its belly, is more than a cuddly spectacle, research at Elkhorn Slough found. A study published Monday suggests that by eating crabs, sea otters are indirectly combating harmful effects of agricultural runoff and protecting the underwater ecosystem of Elkhorn Slough estuary…