Kenya Turns Flip-Flops Into Art – In Pictures

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Discarded plastic shoes litter beaches across the world, but environmental project is transforming them into animal ornaments and jewelry…

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Ocean Sole Transforms Flip Flops Littering the Shores of the Indian Ocean into Colorful Works of Art, Inhabitots
Established by Julie Church, a marine biologist turned social entrepreneur, Ocean Sole was birthed around 1997 when Church discovered the toxic levels of waste washing ashore on the remote island of Kiwayu. Church encouraged local women to cut and transform the discarded flip flops harming the marine ecosystem into colorful products, rooting her efforts to clean up the beaches with an entrepreneurial endeavor that would work to address rising climate, social and economic issues in the area.
Ocean Sole works with over 100 artisans at their workshops in Nairobi and within the remote coastal areas of the region…

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