Sand Wars: Environment Award 2014 Winner At The 11th Annual San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival

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Sand Wars: Environment Award 2014 Winner At The 11th Annual San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival. Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


The San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival has announced the 10 awards winners of its 11th Annual Festival, and conferred the Environment Award to Denis Delestrac Documentary Film: Sand Wars.

The San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival Award celebration took place yesterday, and launched the beginning of the movies screenings from March 5-9, 2014 at the Bay Theater on PIER 39.

Winners of the 11th annual San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival are, by category:
Adventure Award: Defeating Oceans Seven;
Animation Award: Losing Nemo
Coastal Culture Award: Haenyeo Women of the Sea;
Conservation Award: Extinction Soup;
Director’s Award: Ain’t No Fish;
Environment Award: Sand Wars;
Golden Gate Award: Sunnydale Kids;
Short Film Award: The Whale Story;
and Wildlife Award: How Nature Works: Barrier Island Foraging Strategies.

“The San Francisco International Ocean Festival will enjoy its 11th year for five days beginning March 5 at the Bay Theater on Pier 39.

It will be a whirlwind this time around with nearly 50 films, half of which will be making their U.S. or world premiere at the festival. Always highlighting local filmmakers when possible—the Bay Area is surrounded by water, after all—the festival highlights all things having to do with the sea…”—SF Station

” Award Winners Announced for 11th annual San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival,” Read Full Article By Kati Schmidt, IndyBay

The 11th San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival

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Sand Wars, An Investigation Documentary, By Denis Delestrac

Santa Aguila Foundation-Coastal Care team members were at the ceremony to receive the San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival’s Environment Award for Sand Wars Movie, on behalf of Film Director Denis Delestrac. Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care

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