Offshore Drilling and the NC Coast: Special Reports

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Photograph: © SAF – Coastal Care.


How much oil or gas is out there? When will they go get it and where will they drill? Will it come ashore somewhere along our coast? Will the price of gasoline drop as a result? Will drilling generate any jobs for local people or much money for the state treasury? Where will that oil go if there is an accident or spill?

Coastal Review Online this week begins to answer those questions and many more. This is the first of more than 40 stories that will be published over the next two months on offshore drilling and its potential effects on the N.C. coast. In this most ambitious reporting project, seven reporters have spent several months talking to dozens of people trying to determine what drilling might mean to the state’s coastal environment, economy and lifestyle…

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Why U.S. East Coast Should Stay Off-Limits to Oil Drilling, Yale E360 (02-28-2015)
It’s not just the potential for a catastrophic spill that makes the new proposal to open Atlantic Ocean waters to oil exploration such a bad idea. What’s worse is the cumulative impact on coastal ecosystems that an active oil industry would bring…

Don’t Drill Along the East Coast, The New York Times (02-04-2015)

When You Drill, You Spill; Huffington Green (05-27-2015)
The Santa Barbara County spill, one of the largest in California history, reiterates what we already know: We can’t extract oil and transport it without putting our beaches, wildlife, and coastal communities at risk. The sad fact is, when you drill, you spill.

U.S. Gives Conditional OK To Shell Oil For Drilling Off Alaska’s Arctic Shore, NPR (05-14-2015)
The arrival in Seattle of an oil rig Royal Dutch Shell is outfitting for oil exploration in the remote Arctic Ocean marks a pivotal moment for an environmental movement increasingly mobilized around climate change…

Shell to resume Arctic drilling off Alaska as green groups warn of disaster, Guardian UK (05-14-2015)
Environmentalists accuse the government of ‘looking the other way’ after US gives green light for Shell to restart drilling for oil and gas…


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