Shell Spills More Than 80,000 Gallons of Oil in Gulf of Mexico

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An oil spill from the Royal Dutch Shell company has released 2,100 barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, forcing the company to shut down all its wells that flow to its Brutus platform.

As of Sunday, the Coast Guard reported that more than 51,000 gallons of oily water have been recovered, as per The Associated Press. The slick is not expected to reach the shoreline…

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Shell: No oil expected to reach shore, UPI (05-16-2016)

In Photos: Shell’s Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, Vice News -Reuters (05-16-2016)

Shell: Skimmers in Gulf begin to clean 88,200 gallon spill, AP (05-14-2016)
Vessels have begun cleaning up an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico after about 88,200 gallons of oil were released from a Shell flow line about 90 miles off the coast of Louisiana, the company said Friday…

When You Drill, You Spill; Huffington Green (05-27-2015)
The Santa Barbara County spill, one of the largest in California history, reiterates what we already know: We can’t extract oil and transport it without putting our beaches, wildlife, and coastal communities at risk. The sad fact is, when you drill, you spill.

There’s No Such Thing As a Spill-Proof Way to Transport Oil, Time (06-17-2015)
To a historian of pipelines, last year’s Santa Barbara, CA, oil spill is a reminder that the more things change, the more they remain the same. Since their first introduction in the late 19th century, pipelines have leaked regularly and ruptured occasionally…


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