Land reclamation has harmed marine life: Survey

Man-made beach in Doha, Qatar. Captions and Photo source: ©© Grant Matthews


Survey shows fish quantity has decreased in the last five years in the coastal areas of Doha, Quatar.

On reasons behind the decrease in fish quantity, 30 percent say it is due to overfishing, 40 percent hold pollution responsible while 30 percent put the blame on land reclamation, also noting that land reclamation has adverse effects on coral reefs…

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What Happens to a Coral Reef When an Island is Built on Top? the Washington Post (07-11-2015)
Seven such coral reefs are being turned into islands, with harbors and landing strips by the Chinese military, and it is destroying a rich ecological network. “It’s the worst thing that has happened to coral reefs in our lifetime…”

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Asia’s mania for reclaiming land from the sea spawns mounting problems…

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The island’s expansion has been a colossal undertaking. It is not merely a matter of coastal reclamation: Singapore is growing vertically as well as horizontally. This means that the nation’s market needs fine river sand—used for beaches and concrete—as well as coarse sea sand to create new ground…