World’s first green-energy boat prepares for a six-year voyage around the world

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“We have the traveling proof that in reality we can reconcile ourselves with nature and that nature can be the best conveyer of the energy solutions of tomorrow..”—Nicolas Hulot.


The first self-sufficient boat powered only by clean, emission-free energy will start this spring, a six-year journey around the world during which it will visit 50 countries, as a floating exhibition and clean energy laboratory.

Energy Observer, a 30-metre high-tech catamaran, powered by the sun, wind and self-generated hydrogen from sea water, was dreamed up in 2015 by french skippers Frédéric Dahirel and Victorien Erussard, with scuba diver and filmmaker Jérôme Delafosse also behind the project.

When Energy Observer sets sail this Spring, the crew will include a multimedia cameraman to document the journey. The expedition leaders hope it will record what can be done to reduce global emissions.

World’s first green-energy boat prepares for a six-year voyage around the world; The Washington Post (01-11-2017)

Sun and wind to power Energy Observer catamaran, Euro News (01-16-2017)

Energy Observer Readies For World Adventure, Energy Matters (01-12-2017)
The use of sea water to power a vessel in such a way will be a world-first…

French team builds revolutionary 100% renewable energy-powered showcase vessel; Hazardex
The Energy Observer is being built at a St Malo shipyard in western France and aims to circumnavigate the globe using only clean power, a feat similar to Solar Impulse 2’s recent solar-powered flight around the world…

Saint-Malo: la mise à l’eau d’Energy Observer aura lieu le 14 Avril; Ouest- France (03-15-2017))

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