New technique offers clues to measure the deoxygenation of the ocean

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Photo source: © SAF — Coastal Care


The living, breathing ocean may be slowly starting to suffocate. More than two percent of the ocean’s oxygen content has been depleted during the last half century, according to reports, and marine ‘dead zones’ continue to expand throughout the global ocean.

This deoxygenation, triggered mainly by more fertilizers and wastewater flowing into the ocean, pose a serious threat to marine life and ecosystems…

Read Full Article; Science Daily (08-09-2017)

“Dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico is biggest ever; CBS News (08-11-2017)
Each summer, a large part of the Gulf of Mexico “dies”. This year, the Gulf’s “dead zone” is the largest on record, stretching from the mouth of the Mississippi, along the coast of Louisiana to waters off Texas, hundreds of miles away. Around 8,776 square miles of ocean, an area the size of New Jersey or Wales, is almost lifeless…


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