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The Cold Edge

The Copper House Gallery in Dublin, presents The Cold Edge, an exhibition of stunning polar images by photographer and environmentalist Dave Walsh. The images taken during Greenpeace expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica, between 2007 and 2010, question our romantic relationship with remote, harsh and pristine environments of the polar regions, and show what it is like to be truly on the edge…

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Indian sand artist wins prize in Denmark

A sand sculpture on marine conservation, a 20-feet high sculpture “Save the Ocean” created by Indian sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik, has won the prestigious audience prize at an international sand art competition held in Copenhagen.

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Peace Camp and Nowhere Island

Peace Camp, from director Deborah Warner and actor Fiona Shaw, and Nowhereisland, by artist Alex Hartley, are, in their different ways, about tracing and animating the British coastline. They aim to bring art to the extremes of the land, where it rarely reaches, just as that great gathering of nations, the Olympics, begins.

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Picasso and Beach Culture: a Cocktail of Sand and Sensuality

Amid the new freedoms of the 1920s, Picasso invented the beach… mythologizing the traditional seaside in works that go far beyond impressionist marine painting.

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From Rocks and Reefs

Joseph Bellows Gallery is pleased to feature an exhibition titled, “From Rocks and Reefs,” by Nick Veasey. Inspired by the seminal work of one of the pioneers of photography, Anna Atkins, British photographer Nick Veasey has created an intriguing body of work with his cyanotypes of x-rays of seaweed…

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From Washed Up Rubbish to Gallery Art

Marine Debris Clean ups have been orchestrated from Western Australia to the coast of Tasmania, where tons of rubbish are removed from beaches and coastal areas, by determined and relentless environmentalists committed to preserve and protect these pristine coastal environments. Watch these two videos, one is an inspiring and amazing tale of the journey to retrieve the refuse, the other, depicts how trash has been transformed into work of art.

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Light Art At The Beach

Sea and dunes form the natural backdrop for the monumental works of glass and light art at this international seaside exhibition, in The Hague’s southern beach, Kijkduin. More than 100 globes are spread among the sand dunes constantly changing colours in the evening hours. The seaside installation is reinterpreted by a different group of artists each year, ranging from children to graffiti artists, and the 2011edition was connected to the UN Program ‘Our life, our future‘.

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The Great Painters And The Beach

The artful encounter of the Great Painters and the Beach is a love story, a celebration of life, a communion with eternity…

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One Beach Film

One Beach, is a film about creativity, optimism and having fun cleaning our beaches and our coasts around the world. Directed by Jason Baffa.

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