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Superstorm Moves Film From Theoretical to Concrete

In the documentary “Shored Up,” scientists warn that with a rising sea level, a major storm could put New Jersey’s barrier islands underwater and create devastating storm surges. In other words, what happened last month when Superstorm Sandy slammed into New Jersey and New York.

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‘Chasing Ice’ Follows James Balog’s Mission To Capture Climate Change

“Use your voice.” Standing before the audience at the New York City premiere of “Chasing Ice” in October, photographer James Balog offered this encouragement to individuals wondering what they can do in the face of global climate change. Chasing Ice is the story of one man’s mission to change the tide of history by gathering undeniable evidence of climate change.

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Save The Arctic Video, Greenpeace

The melting Arctic is under threat from oil drilling, industrial fishing and conflicts.

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Perpetual Ocean

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The swirling flows of Earth’s perpetually changing ocean come to life in a new NASA scientific visualization that captures the movement of tens of thousands of ocean currents.

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Google Earth Tour of Reefs at Risk, Video

The Reefs at Risk project raises awareness of threats to coral reefs around the world, and provides information and tools to manage coastal habitats more effectively.

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In Paradise, and Closer Than Ever to Disaster

For many of us who live in temperate zones, inland regions and the industrialized West, global warming is a source of anxiety, and something of an abstraction. One challenge for Nasheed, former leader of the lowest lying country, was how to communicate the problems currently apparent in the Maldives to countries where the impacts of climate change are not yet as drastic or visible. What will happen once other nations start to feel the pressure of rising sea levels?

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Oil On canvas

The oil prints featured in this video were made with birds killed by the Rena oil spill. It is hoped that Oil On Canvas exhibition can serve as a memorial to the creatures that lost their lives and as a stark reminder of the devastation an oil spill can cause, and warning against the far greater risk posed by deep sea oil drilling.

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Tipping Barrels

“Tipping Barrels – Journey Into The Great Bear”, is a unique combination of surfing and environmental journalism that follows surfers Arran and Reid Jackson on a trip into the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, where they learn more about the region and the issues confronting it.

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Sinking England, Video

All may seem calm on the beautiful stretches of british coastline, but there is a battle being fought on the beaches of Britain. It is a fight for survival against the mighty forces of the North Sea. Erosion of this coastline have been going on for thousands of years, but things have gotten much worst. The country is gradually tilting into the ocean.

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