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North Carolina: The Beaches Are Moving

The Beaches are Moving

WATCH: “The Beaches Are Moving Video,” featuring Orrin H. Pilkey. A UNC-TV video © University of North Carolina Center for Public Television

By Santa Aguila Foundation,

World famous coastal geologist Orrin H. Pilkey takes us to the beach and explains why erosion has become a problem.

This documentary in The Beaches of The World series was made possible thanks to the generous contribution of Glenna Patton.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the documentary, please contact us.

“The Beaches Are Moving” is a 60-minute documentary that focuses on North Carolina’s barrier islands. It describes common beach processes, as well as processes that are unique to the barrier island system. Produced in 1983 by UNC-TV, this documentary focuses on the work of Duke marine geologist Orrin H. Pilkey Jr.

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Featured image: ©© Soil Science

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