The Plastic Found In a Single Turtle’s Stomach

Plastic Pollution
The debris from the stomach of a green sea turtle. Humans currently produce 260 million tons of plastic a year. Captions and Photo source: Adam Sherwin, Independent UK


This collection of hundreds of coloured, jagged shards could be a work of abstract art. But the objects in the photograph to the right are the contents of the stomach of a sea turtle that lost its battle with plastic pollution.

Environmentalists examined the stomach of the juvenile turtle found off the coast of Argentina. The bellyful of debris that they found is symptomatic of the increasing threat to the sea turtles from a human addiction to plastic.

Sea turtles often mistake plastic items for jellyfish or other food. Ingesting non-biodegradable ocean pollution can cause a digestive blockage and internal lacerations. The result can be debilitation, followed by death…

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Plastic Pollution, Coastal Care

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