Record trash haul from New Jersey beaches

Plastic containers litters the beach in Sandy Hook, N.J. Clean Ocean Action, the environmental group that has been doing beach sweeps for 25 years, released their Annual Beach Sweep report for 2010, Tuesday. Photo source: ©© Birgit Speulman


A report issued by the environmental nonprofit organization Clean Ocean Action paints a grim picture of New Jersey beaches.

In their Annual Beach Sweep report for 2010, the organization broke down the 475,321 pieces of trash its 8,372 volunteers removed from New Jersey beaches during two statewide clean-up events last year.

A record amount of trash was picked up along New Jersey beaches last year, including a kitchen sink.

The report shows record numbers of many pieces of litter including 43,113 food wrappers, 61,895 bottle caps and lids and 45,903 cigarette filters. These items, along with pieces of plastic, straws, foam, beverage bottles, pieces of lumber, cigar tips, shopping bags, miscellaneous paper and glass were the most frequently found items on New Jersey beaches…

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Clean Ocean Action, 2010 Report

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