The Man That Has Been Picking Plastic From Beaches For 7 Years


Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Francis Picco arrived in Easter Island, Chile, from France for a vacation 15 years ago and never left. The reason was a local woman who became his wife and a new found peace he couldn’t trade for anything else.

But with the passing of years, he started to see his paradise getting wasted by the growing number of plastic debris that reached the shores of the beaches. Photo degraded remains of crates, fishing lines, buoys and all types of consumer products got to the island not only from locals’ eventual lack of responsibility, but from everywhere in the world thanks to ocean gyres and currents.

And when every other person would have just looked away and move on with their life, he started to clean up everybody’s business…

Read Original Article, By Paula Alvarado, Treehugger Team the 5 Gyres South Pacific Project

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