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Building Schools And Houses Out Of Plastic Trash


In rural Guatemala, communities worked together to collect plastic trash and plastic bottles to use as building materials. Former Peace Corp volunteer Laura Kutner tells host Bruce Gellerman that projects like this are a win-win: villages are cleaner and children get new schools.

3 Months of filming compressed into a 3 minute video: An overview of the hard work, dedication, win-wins, and excitement surrounding Bottle Schools.

Hug it forward- Bottle Schools has built 14 Bottle Schools in less than 2 years.

“Hug It Forward is a 501c3 non-profit that empowers communities to build bottle schools. Bottle schools are schools built using soda bottles and other trash. We have empowered communities to build 14 “bottle schools” in Guatemala, in less than 2 years.”

“The intangible change is provided by raising awareness of global issues and by demonstrating that we are all one people. Everybody has the power to be the change, by living their passion and giving back to society. We exist to help people along that journey.

The tangible change is provided by empowering communities to unite and work together towards a common goal: building schools built out of wasted trash bottles called “bottle schools”. Bottle schools have many many benefits. You can see a video of how bottle schools are made on the home page.” Hug it forward- Bottle Schools.

Plastic Bottles: To Solve Nigeria’s Housing Problem

Making the pillars, Step by step, bottle by bottle. Photo source: Eco Nigeria


Following the lead of the Guatemalan project, the idea found an other practical application in Africa, where plastic bottles that litter Nigeria’s roads, canals and gutters are collected and used to build houses, providing an environmentally smart strategy of chipping away at a housing shortage in Africa’s most populous nation…

“The houses have been built using earth-filled plastic bottle ‘bricks’ and mud. The three-room structure is so sturdy that it could stand for thousands of years.”

The next Nigerian bottle building project is a school hall in Seluja at the Africa School of Excellence, which urgently needs classroom space. The school children are being trained in the bottle brick making technique and the newly trained masons will lead the build in January 2012…

Photo source: ©© Muha

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