Keeping the Sea Safe(r) from Plastic

Refuse plastic
TEDx – Great Pacific Garbage Patch Conference, Plastic Pollution Coalition. Photo source: ©© Tedxgp2


Most biodegradable plastics don’t break down well in marine environments—they require the relative warmth of soil or a compost heap. A new plastic on the market degrades quickly both on land and in seawater.

Polyhydroxyalkanoate plastic, better known as PHA, has been around in labs for decades but became commercially available only in October 2010 through a joint venture between Cambridge (Mass.) startup Metabolix (MBLX) and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)…

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Entanglement risks do remain. Seal trapped in plastic pollution. Photo source: ©© Tedxgp2

Archer Daniels ends joint venture with Metabolix, AP
Archer Daniels Midland Co. said Thursday it is ending a biodegradable plastics joint venture with Metabolix Inc. because of the venture’s cost, and uncertainty about its returns.

The Environmental Impact of Corn-Based Plastics
How does corn-based plastic stand up against its petroleum based counterpart?

Technology Pioneers: Betting on Green, Davos 2010, A Youtube Video
Join Technology Pioneers in the IdeasLab to discover revolutionary solutions in green technologies, Davos.

Plastic Pollution, Coastal Care
…the plastic tide washing up on our beaches, can become as limited as our chosen relationship with plastics, which involves a dramatic behavioral change on our part. The path to successful resolution of the crisis clearly appears, as we are the problem and the solution…


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