Cannes: Underneath the Surface


Les dessous de Cannes: Sous les Marches Uploaded by ExpeditionMED, May 14th 2012.

As the 65th Cannes Film Festival is unfolding, a european environmental organization, Expedition med, released a series of videos depicting the grave marine pollution affecting the Mediterraneean sea, plastic and marine debris covering the seafloor… this just a few feet away from the glitter and glamour of the Marches du Festival

Expedition MED is a scientific campaign studying the plastic pollution in the Mediterranean sea. It involves an international team of researchers from several European university laboratories.

Some actions for raising public awareness also involve environmental organizations with an interest in the Mediterranean basin…

WATCH a second Video: “A bout de souffle”: With a famous Serge Gainsbourg soundtrack in the background, viewers are brought under the Mediterranean sea surface to witness the unimaginable amount of cigarettes butts littering the seafloor and washing up on shores…


Uploaded by ExpeditionMED, May 11th 2012.

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Featured photograph Bardot and Frey, Côte d’Azur: ©© Michel Royon

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