India Fights Plastic Waste ‘Time Bomb’

Mumbai Impressions… when the water retreats… Captions and Photo source: ©© Don Domingo


A grim headline from the Times of India reports that India’s Supreme Court has emphasized that the country is a “plastic time bomb” due to the sheer volume of plastic it disposes of on a daily basis, with Delhi alone producing 689.5 tonnes of plastic refuse per day.

According to the article’s writer, Dhananjay Mahapatra, the amount of plastic discarded daily in India is even more shocking. Piles of plastic dot the landscape in the form of permanent mountains which never biodegrade and build up as the country produces more and more waste…

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Plastic waste time bomb ticking for India, Supreme Court says, Times Of India

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Lallubhai Compund, suburban Mankhurd, Mumbai. Photo source: ©© Lecercle

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