Photo Essay: Eco-Nightmare in EU Candidate Serbia

Extreme plastic pollution on the Sava River. The Sava is a river in Southeast Europe, a right side tributary of the Danube riverflows through Slovenia, Croatia, along the northern border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and through Serbia. Photo source: ©© Limbic


Plastic bottles, old tires, cardboard boxes and other garbage block the flow of the Juzna Morava river — so badly that men in rubber boats need to use paddles to clear the way.

A reek of waste fills the air. Elsewhere, plastic bags hang over bushes and down tree branches…

As Serbia seeks EU membership, it faces a major problem with environmental pollution…

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The Black Sea. Photo source: ©© Potomo
The Juzna Morava river begins in the mountain of Skopska Crna Gora, in Republic of Macedonia, north of its capital Skopje. Streams of Ključevska reka and Slatinska reka join together to form the river Golema, which is, after passing the Macedonian-Serbian border, known as Binačka Morava. After 49 km it meets Preševska Moravica at Bujanovac, and for the remaining of 246 km flows as South Morava. South Morava belongs to the Black Sea drainage basin, and its own drainage area is 15,469 km², out of which 1,237 is in Bulgaria. Wikipedia.

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