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All the Way to the Ocean, The Movie

WATCH: All the Way to the Ocean; MOVIE TRAILER Excerpts; Joel Harper’s beloved book is now an animated movie featuring the talents of acclaimed actors, award winning musicians, and dedicated activists; including Amy Smart, Ben Harper, Burning Spear, Jack Johnson, Joel Harper, Marcia Cross, and Xavier Rudd. The movie artfully tackles non-point source pollution in an entertaining and immersive way that children and adults will find engaging! “James throws a plastic bottle in the gutter and doesn’t believe that it will go all the way to the ocean. His friend Isaac warns James about the consequences of his littering. There begins the adventures of James and Isaac as they learn about the harmful effects of storm drain pollution, and in turn, spread the word to their friends and the rest of their school. Helping the kids along this journey are a concerned Crane from the coast line, a surprisingly insightful Surfer Dude and James’ Mom.” Read Full Article And Watch The Movie Trailer, from Freedom Three Publishing The Book: “All The Way To The Ocean,” by Joel Harper (© 2010) A book teaching kids and parents that sewage pollution runs “All the Way to the Ocean.” Plastic pollution: When The Mermaids Cry: The Great Plastic Tide, Coastal Care

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