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“The Shore Break,” A Movie From Riley Grunenwald

WATCH: The Shore Break, Documentary Trailer (May 2015) Excerpts; Riley Grunenwald’s “The Shore Break” is an engrossing documentary presenting an engaging standoff between corrupt pro-mining forces and a South African coastal community. The drama is structured around two diametrically opposed protagonists… “A gorgeous stretch of the Wild Coast is the object of contention among locals, international business interests and a pro-development national government. An Australian company has proposed opening an ambitious beach sand mining operation to tape the region’s huge stores of titanium…” Read Full Article, Variety (04-30-2015) See and Learn More on: The Shore Break Movie Website “The Shore Break”: A struggle of extremes plays out on South Africa’s Wild Coast, Intercontinental Cry (04-30-2016) Durban 2015 Review: THE SHORE BREAK Tries To Stem The Tide, But Only Time Will Tell, Twitch Film Update on the story: The fight is ongoing at all levels. According to Grunenwald, since the film’s conclusion… The environmental loss of illegal sand mining in South Africa, ENCA (01-07-2016) Sand Mining Threatens South Africa’s Coast, Business Report (03-06-2015) Illegal Sand Mining in South Africa a Report: “Governance of Africa’s Resources Programme, by Romy Chevallier;” All’Africa (12-28-2014) South Africa Dune Mining Whips Up Sandstorm, CNN (07-09-2012) For centuries, the massive sand dunes overlooking the warm waters off the South African east coast have created a majestic scenery, acting as a natural wall between the sea and the land environment. In recent years, mining companies have been eager to dig inside these dunes to extract the valuable minerals they contain… Sand, Rarer Than One Thinks: A UNEP report (March 2014) Despite the colossal quantities of sand and gravel being used, our increasing dependence on them and the significant impact that their extraction has on the environment, this issue has been mostly ignored by policy makers and remains largely unknown by the general public… Sand Mining in South Africa: Learn More, Coastal Care Global Sand Mining: Learn More, Coastal Care

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