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Our mission is to raise awareness of and mobilize people against the ongoing decimation of coastlines and oceans around the world.

Day: December 26, 2017

Running out of sand: in numbers

Running out of sand: in numbers

Sand and gravel are the most-extracted materials in the world. The UN believes that sand and gravel, or aggregates, account for up to 85 percent of all mining activity around the world, measured in weight.

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Last of the ‘lost paradise’ islands

Last of the ‘lost paradise’ islands

It is one of the last parts of Asia to see the sunset, it has some of the finest white-sand beaches in the world and its coral reefs are teeming with fish. But there is one big difference between the beaches on this tropical island group and Gisborne’s Midway, Waikanae and Wainui beaches: there are no people.

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