The ship that leaked oil into pristine Mauritian waters could break in two. That would be an environmental catastrophe

Photograph: Mauritius, oil spill. Image source: France 24, Youtube

A stricken ship off the coast of Mauritius which has already leaked about 1,000 metric tons of oil into a pristine Indian Ocean lagoon could be about to break in two, experts fear — spelling disaster for the ecologically rich area…

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WATCH VIDEO: France offers aid as Mauritius declares emergency over oil leak from grounded ship; France 24, Youtube (08-08-2020)

French President Emmanuel Macron pledged on Saturday to send teams and equipment to help Mauritius deal with an oil spill that environmentalists fear could be a major ecological disaster…

The Oil Spill At Mauritius Is A Disaster; NPR (08-11-2020)

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