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What is the Coast? – Coasts for Kids Series

Screenshot from Coasts for Kids Series, Episode 1 CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 DEED via Youtube
Screenshot from Coasts for Kids Series, Episode 1 CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 DEED via Youtube

The ‘Coasts for Kids’ animations is a young kids and family-friendly video series for all ages to learn why coasts are important, how do beaches and dunes work, how do people affect them, and what can we do about it. The episodes cover KS2 educational and environmental messages allowing everyone to understand, enjoy, and care for our coasts…

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Episode 1: What is the Coast?

Excerpt: ‘Coasts’ are defined, and their significance for biodiversityresources, and well-being are illustrated

The impact of increasing population densities around the worlds’ coastlines, and the pressure people can exert on coastal environments is explained and global concerns such as storminess and rising sea levels introduce kids to coastal squeezeerosion, and flooding.

Episode 2: Our Coasts Are Moving

Excerpt: A simplified version of sandy coastline response to storms is illustrated to provide a basic understanding of coastal morphodynamics….

Storm surges are explained and Bar and Dune-protecting Superheroes…elaborate on sandy coastlines, natural defence mechanisms against big waves, and the capacity to rebuild themselves following storms.

Episode 3: Our Coasts are Connected

Excerpt: Introduction to the processes operating at the regional scale.

Various coastal environments (e.g., cliffs, marshes, etc.) and the way in which the sea connects them in extensive coastal networks is illustrated.

Concepts such as sediment and longshore drift are explained

Episode 4: How Do People Affect the Coast?

Excerpt: Children are encouraged to think critically and develop their understanding of human impacts at various temporal and spatial scales, including coastal squeeze, flooding, erosion, and more.

Episode 5: We Need to Plan

Excerpt: Several key coastal management concepts are explained as well as the benefits of understanding that coastal areas are dynamic systems when it comes to coastal planning.

The series  closes with brief references to coastal engineering, coastal communities, and the importance of local conditions and biodiversity.


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