Use of Hardened Beach Structures to Slow Erosion

Use of Hardened Beach Structures

Use of Hardened Beach Structures
Large concrete jacks used to stabilize beach in Japan. Photo: Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines

Topic: Use of hardened beach structures to slow erosion.

While the use of hardened beach structures are debated, there is little debate over …

North Carolina’s Legislation on Hardened Structures Reconsidered

North Carolina Legislation

North Carolina Legislation


By Santa Aguila Foundation

North Carolina law has prohibited hardened structures on its beaches and inlets for more than two decades. A handful of private beachfront homeowners are attempting to undo the ban that has set a national example …

Use of Sand Bags on Beaches

Use of sand bags on beaches

Large sand bags are used on beaches to stabilize buildings that are threatened by the ocean. In most cases, the ocean was not as close when the buildings were built, but natural erosion has occurred.

Question: When should sand bags …

The Negative Impacts Of Groins

The negative impact of groins

Groynes (or, groin) and shadow. Photo source: ©© Andrew Tijou

By Coastal Care;

North Carolina law (G.S 113A-115.1) prohibits the use of groins – steel, rock or wood walls built perpendicular to the beach in order to trap shifting sand …