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“Afternoon, Muir Beach, California. Sand globe perched on a rock as the tide comes in;” By Zach Pine

© “Afternoon, Muir Beach, California. Sand globe perched on a rock as the tide comes in.”
Photograph courtesy of Zach Pine for Coastal Care.
All rights reserved Zach Pine ©2017.

By © Zach Pine

Socially engaged environmental artist Zach Pine​ uses sand globes in his worldwide participatory project Earth in Your Hands, which aims to connect people to coastal areas and to each other through sand globe making.

Through his short video, a multitude of people worldwide have learned to make sand globes by tossing wet sand in the air; liquefaction, adhesion, and consolidation make it possible to create nearly perfect spheres of sand, held together only by water.

This gallery of photos shows the resulting creations and connection with nature that come with sand globe making.

​Pine describes his aim this way: “I want sand globe making to be as commonplace as sand castle building, giving people one more reason to visit and love coastal areas. Through the experience of sand globe making and sharing thousands of worldwide photos, we convey that we are all connected through the coastlines of our planet and are inspired to take collective creative action on behalf of our shared world.”

“Flow II,” Stinson Beach; By Andres Amador

“Flow II,” Stinson Beach.
All rights remain the property of ©Andres Amador.

By © Andres Amador

Andres Amador is an Earthscape Artist, specializing in enormous artworks most often done on the beach. His passion is connecting people to the natural world via his ephmeral creations.

Andres has created installations around the world, with the northern California coastline being his main canvas.

Facebook and Instagram: AndresAmadorArts

Melting Away, Algarve, Portugal; By Joshua Jensen-Nagle



“Melting Away. Algarve, Portugal” By © Joshua Jensen-Nagle
Portugal series
All rights remain the property of Joshua Jensen-Nagle.

By © Joshua Jensen-Nagle

For over a decade, Joshua Jensen-Nagle has captivated the viewer with his evocative photographs and singular aesthetic. Best known for his dreamy large scale beaches and romantic European vistas, Jensen-Nagle’s photographs of faraway places impart a nostalgic mood on the viewer.

“For over a decade, I have been photographing beachscapes and have spent the past few years hanging out of helicopters across 4 continents and 8 countries, getting a bird’s eye view of sun lovers around the world and exploring aerial imagery. At first glance, these works may read as abstract, but with a closer look, viewers peruse umbrellas, sunbathers, swimmers and surfers scattered about the scene, creating a colorful composition. My lens not only captures the blissful moments of those in the photograph, but also allows the viewer to reflect on their own memories and attempts to evoke similar emotions of pure happiness.”

Joshua bases his successful full-time art practice in Toronto, and has become a prominent fixture in the arts community. Having mounted over fifty exhibitions in the last 12 years, he has developed a strong standing in the art world, and is collected widely throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

IG: @jensennagle