Long Story Shorts: What is a Coastal Geohazard? – Hakai Institute

Screenshot from "Long Story Shorts: What is a Coastal Geohazard?" via Youtube.

Life can be pretty hazardous if you live on the coast—on top of wild weather events like hurricanes and tropical storms, you might find yourself in the middle of geological hazards like earthquakes, tsunamis, and landslides. But did you know that one geohazard can domino into another, creating a cascade of chaos?…

Paleotsunami Detectives Hunt for Ancient Disasters – Hakai Magazine

Hokusai's The Great Wave at Kanagawa (1760-1849) vintage Japanese Ukiyo-e woodcut print (Public domain image via Wikimedia, digitally enhanced by rawpixel).

Gigantic tsunamis have been decimating coastlines since time immemorial. We ignore these prehistoric warnings at our own peril.

A boulder weighing more than 40 tonnes sits on the sand high above the ocean. Dwarfing every other rock in view, it is conspicuously out of place. The answer to how this massive outlier got here lies not in the vast expanse of the Atacama Desert behind it but in the Pacific Ocean below…

Mix of contaminants in Fukushima wastewater, risks of ocean dumping

Nearly 10 years after the Tohoku-oki earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant and triggered an unprecedented release radioactivity into the ocean, radiation levels have fallen to safe levels in all but the waters closest to the shuttered power plant.