Plastic Pollution and Chile Coastline, The Latest 5 Gyres Mission

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5 Gyres, an organization that seeks to study plastic pollution in waters around the world, report on the problem, and attempt to provide solutions, has embarked on a new mission exploring the southern coast of Chile to document any and all incidents of plastic pollution.

In addition to the northern Pacific gyre there are 5 gyres around the world, and one is off the western coast of southern Chile. Winds sweep across the south Pacific, and a lot of the plastic ends up in the jagged coastline of southern Chile.

Within the framework of the Vac from the Sea-project, and Inhabitat Design environmental journalist and sailing Enthusiast Brit Ligget embarked, and blogs, on this latest 5 Gyres research expedition through the Beagle Channel, Chile, and study study plastic pollution in coastal South Chile.

The expedition sets off from Puerto Williams on March 3rd and will be at sea for eleven days before reaching final destination Valdivia, Chile, on March 14th.

” No one has explored this watery region for plastic pollution before, so the crew of the Sea Dragon and I will be blazing a new trail. I’ll be blogging from the boat about our adventures and will report back on everything we find. From Puerto Williams, we will sail north along the coast and end our mission in Valdivia, Chile on March 14th. I’ll be interviewing the two scientists on the boat, the 5 Gyres employees, and other crew members about their experiences studying plastic pollution in the oceans.”

“Our plastic research expedition with the 5 Gyres Project has set sail in the Beagle Channel and is just coming up on the Magellan Strait. I’ve been chatting more with Anna Rotander, our on-board scientist, about her work — while we wait for the seas to calm so that she can take some water samples. Anna is part of a research facility that studies human and environmental exposure to fluorinated, chlorinated and brominated chemicals. Her lab does research on where these chemicals are found, in what quantities and also documents methodologies on how to record them accurately.”

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Report From The South Sea, On The Search For Plastic Pollution

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