Go Strawless

Too few of us have stopped using single-use, end-of-the-line plastic.

Experiencing The Rebirth Of A River

“The first thing we noticed was the amazing clarity of the water. Opponents of the dam removal predicted the river would be constantly dirty with sediment for years to come, and yet, even just days after blowing the last of the upper dam, we had at least eight feet of gorgeous, blue-green-tinted visibility…” By Dylan Tomine.

A Next Generation of Heroes

In the future our warriors and leaders may more often emerge from the ranks of young men and women willing to go in harm’s way to confront an expanding range of catastrophes in dangerous settings from the burning islands of Indonesia to the floodwaters of Europe. It’s going to be a rough transition to a sustainable blue planet for ten billion people …

The Case for Cool: Student Engagement to Save the Planet

Rising temperatures around the globe are a reality, and so too is the primary cause: Energy-related CO2 emissions caused by human-beings. Hope, real hope, for changing government policy to save the planet rests with the people, those whose children and grandchildren will inherit this tragic whirlwind, and, most importantly, the younger generation…

Tipping Points: Can Humanity Break The Planet?

A paper published in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution suggests that while human society does a very thorough job of modifying and, often enough, permanently and abruptly changing the dynamics of local and regional ecosystems, the collective impact of all this on a planetary scale is too often overstated.

Al Gore: US Democracy Has Been Hacked

According to former US vice-president Al Gore, the internet and the revolution in the way we communicate, provided a means to rekindle democracy and purge it of corporate influence.