Cambodia: A Stop Order To Excessive Sand Dredging

Tatai River Cambodia. Photo source: ©© Hoo Rob

Excerpts; from Dredging Today

The “King of Koh Kong”, ruling party senator Ly Yong Phat, has been ordered to stop his company’s (LYP Group) massive sand dredging operation on the Tatai river amid concerns it is decimating the waterway and ruining the tourist trade.

LYP Group has a permit to dredge at seven different sites on the Tatai river, totaling more than 32 square kilometres.

The use of 20 to 30 boats, which each had a 500-cubic-metre capacity, eight cranes and four pumps, was “excessive”, and running dredgers 24-hours a day and pumping sand very close to river banks was a mistake…

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