Audubon files lawsuit to protect coastal areas from sand mining

A lawsuit was filed filed against the Trump administration to defend the Coastal Barrier Resources Act (CBRA) against Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt’s unlawful ‘Excavation Rule,’ which allows taxpayer money to be used for dredging sand from protected coastal areas…

Caribbean: Measures taken against Zeelandia sand-mining

In recent years, large scale sand-mining, which is banned in St. Eustatius, has taken place at Zeelandia beach. Although efforts were made to block vehicle access to the beach, individuals have, through the removal of vegetation, created a path in between the sea grapes to drive onto the beach.

Illegal sand mining a deadly beat for India’s journalists

The recent killing of a reporter in India’s Uttar Pradesh state has exposed the dangers for journalists covering illegal sand mining and construction in the country. The sand mining industry is laden with corruption, and this puts journalists who cover the topic at an increased danger.

Asia’s hunger for sand is harmful to farming and the environment

Singapore’s added construction plan (in brown), 01-2020. Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care Singapore’s expansion has been a colossal undertaking. It is not merely a matter of coastal reclamation: Singapore is growing vertically as well as horizontally. This means that the nation’s market needs fine river sand—used for beaches and concrete—as well as coarse sea […]