Mass tourism threatening Venice lagoon

venice lagoon
Venice, view from Rialto bridge. The Venice lagoon is an inlet of the Adriatic Sea, with access to sea waters largely restricted by a series of sand bars at the lagoon’s entrance. Photo source: ©©Dmitriy Moiseyev


An Italian environmental group warned that mass tourism is slowly eroding the Venice lagoon, which it said is also threatened by major real estate development and an inadequate transport network…

“Venice is really under threat. We must find a balance between immediate needs and the future to ensure sustainable development,” …

Piazza San Marco. Photo source: ©©Dmitriy Moiseyev

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The 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale
The Venice Biennale, arguably the most prestigious contemporary arts festival in the world, consists of a variety of pavilions scattered around the Italian city. Painting, sculpture, architecture and more are all on display, and the exhibition is open from 4th June to 27th November 2011. This year, 88 participating countries contribute, attracting attention to a city in peril, and many visitors…

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ombrelle jaune
Photo source: ©©Dmitriy Moiseyev