Chinese Boat Seized Over Illegal Sand Mining In Kinmen, Taiwan

Sand barges, Hong-Kong bay. Photograph: © SAF


Coastguards have arrested the captain of a chinese sand dredger illegally dredging sand in Kinmen waters.

So far it is the fourth chinese boat arrested for attempting to steal sand from around the island…

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Photo source: ©© Trey Menefee
Kinmen, is a small archipelago of several islands, and in 1995, it was turned into a national park. It’s a small chunk of Fujian province occupied by Republic Of China (ROC) forces and administered from Taiwan, lying only 2km off the coast of mainland China. Kinmen is an odd remnant from the bitter civil war between communist and Nationalist forces, when Communist soldiers trying to invade Taiwan made an ill-fated beach landing on this island, and this struggle is a major part of Kinmen’s own history. Caption: Lonely Planet

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