Mega Trawlers Emptying African Seas

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West African waters have been subject to overfishing for decades, the effects of which are being felt by local communities. The trawler is a prime example of how the size of fishing vessels are completely at odds with what fisheries can sustain. Captions and Photo source: © Pierre Gleizes /Greenpeace


Abdoulaye Gueye cannot see any Chinese, Russian or European trawlers as he lands his meagre catch of sardinellas and mackerel into waiting horse-drawn carts on the beach at Joal. But he knows there are 30 or more of them just over the horizon, hoovering up the fish he cannot reach…

“Senegal’s fishing community will act on foreign fleets if government doesn’t”Read Full Article, Guardian UK

Greenpeace protests against EU subsidised plunder of West African Waters, Greenpeace

Activists stop Mega Trawler Emptying African Seas, Greenpeace

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